Jun 282010

WholeSexLifeJoel has provided me with another new word! We were fooling around in bed this morning, snuggling and getting each other off without actual intercourse. I was pretty sure that he had come because the back of my panties was all wet, but I asked, just to make sure. He was amused because it seemed kind of obvious and he asked me if I had orgasmed.

That seems like a straight-forward question, but it was hard for me to answer. I hadn’t had an actual full on orgasm, but I had experienced twinges and ripples of pleasure. It felt really good! There was all of the energy of coming. But no, not really coming.

Joel nodded sagely while I struggled to explain. “Ah,” he said, “you had a girlgasm.”

Wow. A girlgasm? What a great way to explain the full range of female orgasmic experience. Boys tend to either orgasm or not. Girls have that span of pleasure leading up to and coming down from full orgasm – not to mention the space between orgasms. So, we have girlgasms!