Jun 052010

CBT Rock StarI like to think of myself as a CBT rock star. (That’s Cock and Ball Torture, NOT Computer Based Training or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) CBT attracts a lot of attention when you do it in public. Which is why I’m not surprised that a lot of people attended the CBT workshop at the CSPC last night. I was certainly excited to be there with Harold. I like learning new skills.

The instructor (instructrix?) was an experienced lifestyle mistress from Sydney, Australia, Aleni of DV8House. I think her CBT interests are nearly opposite mine, so there were several things that I was curious about that we just barely touched on. We were also very limited in the amount of time we had – only an hour and a half with another event starting right away. Sadly, no time to try out new techniques. Never-the-less, I came away with some new ideas and a few tricks to try out at home.

I have not had very much experience using sounds and Aleni had a lot of good information there, as well as some demonstrations.  I did learn that you have to pinch together the base of the penis while sounding because you can actually lose things in there. I didn’t know that.

The biggest revelation for me was that I could combine two of my favorite things – CBT and bondage!  I know, this shouldn’t take me by surprise, but somehow it just didn’t occur to me until I saw Aleni do it.  Of course I had to try it out. On both of my boys. Within 24 hours.  I had to take a picture to share with you, of course!

Joel is not into CBT, but he was sweet enough to let me experiment on him. I stuck to trying out some bindings on his cock since anything with his scrotum would be uncomfortable rather than hot. Aleni pointed out that sometimes it’s helpful to get a guy’s cock out of the way so you can focus on his balls, so that’s what I was working on.

Harold turned me on to CBT in the first place. He likes a fair amount of pain, so I was less worried. I anchored the whole thing around his cock and balls and wrapped the rope up around the middle of the scrotum to separate his balls. I accidently nicked him with my fingernail, which sucks. And next time I’ll use a longer piece of rope. But I thought the ties turned out to be really pretty. Especially with pre-cum on top!

Overall, I’d say that cock bondage is a win. I think it’s hot. I’m not sure how often I’ll use it, but it’s another option to add to my rock star tool bag.

I’m hoping to pick up more information about saline infusion and electroplay later on!