Jul 072010
Nipple piercing

Moments after piercing

I got my nipples pierced. Well, re-pierced. I had to remove the piercings while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. But I now I have them again! I’m very happy!!!

I have a love-hate kind of relationship towards my breasts. They’re very large. 36G large. It’s difficult to find clothes that fit, especially anything that buttons down. Bras tend to be ugly and expensive at this size. There is something about being so fleshy that sometimes make me feel really uncomfortable about myself. Sometimes people assume that I’m slutty (will have sex with them) just because of my chest size.

On the other side, I love that my breasts fed each of my children. That’s the coolest thing ever. It’s fun to have amazing cleavage when I want to feel sexy. My nipples are very sensitive in lovemaking and I can often come very close to orgasm just with nipple stimulation. Times like that, I love my sexy breasts and run my fingers across the beautiful round curves.

Having my nipples pierced helps me to see my breasts as beautiful and sexy. I like jewelry, like having my nipples decorated. I even enjoy the dull ache right now, reminding me – I got my nipples pierced!