Jul 122010

EvoeLast night we all escaped for a date – all of us parents in this collective – me, Joel, Harold, and Melanie. This is a rare occurrence and I had a blast! It’s really lovely to relax and have fun all together. I’m lucky – my two guys and my best friend!

We found an Italian restaurant with a real Italian proprietor who slapped at our hands when we reached for our own napkins and told us what we should order. The food was heavenly at Al Boccalino. What an unexpected treat! My only regret is that we didn’t have enough time for desert.

Then we went on to see Shine: A Burlesque Musical, written by The Wet Spots, Cass King and John Woods, at the Theatre Off-Jackson in Seattle. I am impressed. It was very well done and a lot of fun.

The Wet Spots

The Wet Spots signed my ass

I love The Wet Spots. I’ve seen them in concert a bunch of times. I’m such a big fan, they’ve signed my ass. I love that they are genuinely positive about and actively in support of sex, funny, entertaining, warm and appropriately emotional, wise, and just generally fabulous. Here is a musical group that actually sings about stuff I care about. And they do it well!

So while I was intrigued by them doing a musical, I was also a little dubious. So many musicals are really bad. So many burlesque shows are predictable and, to tell the truth, boring. Production values for Seattle shows can often be less than desirable. Basically, I had low expectations.

Shine turned out to be everything I’d been hoping to find during the last couple of months. There was lots of gender-fluidity and cross-dressing. There were all kinds of body types. The musical addressed many sexual issues, as well as life issues. And it was actually good, cuz these people are talented

Cass King in Shine

Cass King Shines!

I adored the music, especially “Large and in Charge” for the sheer femme-power and “The Nasty” as an over-the-top explicit love song (I think the lyric was, I’ll fuck you senseless while you fuck me blue).  The final number, “Humping the Dream,” is pretty catchy and I like the line about having glitter from your tits down to your lady bits. Overall the musical performance was right on.

The choreography was also spectacular. There were obviously several classically trained dancers in the cast. The dance moves were varied and timing was perfect. It was visually very appealing. And YAY! for good burlesque numbers. (I liked the muppets.)

A couple of things detracted from my enjoyment. One: the jokes in the first half were a little tired. They were supposed to be, but still. Two: the promotional videos led me to believe that there would be a giant penis at the end. Other than Trojan Original’s gold wrapped package, I didn’t see a giant cock. I wanted a cock worthing coming for. Just sayin’.

Mostly, I’m just so happy to see someone doing some performance art that really says something important about sex. I want sexy art that makes me think, laugh, and feel and really turns me on. I want to grab life with both hands and squeeze out some good times. I want to Shine!

See the trailer here on YouTube: Shine: A Burlesque Musical