Aug 202010

WholeSexLifeFinally, everyone is settled and the house is quiet. We turn out the lights and tumble into bed, each of us on our customary side of the bed. But I want comfort. I need to be close.

I ease over to his side, into his arms, skin against skin. I relax, melting into him. I feel his heartbeat steady and strong against my cheek. I let go of the concerns of the day. Everything narrows down to this moment.

I start to feel him – the slight movements of his muscles beneath me, his breath in my hair, his hands brushing across my back and pressing against my ass. We kiss. I feel the essence of all that he is pour through that kiss. We are inside each other and I am filled with need.

I move around on top of him so that we can both explore each other with our mouths. His tongue circles my clit and probes my cunt. My mouth slides up and down his cock. I am lost in the sensations. It is like the kiss, but more so. We are building a circuit of ecstasy and desire.

He says, “Fuck me!” in a hoarse whisper.

I straddle him and slide his cock into me. I sit still for a moment, feeling him fill me. Then I’m moving, rocking back and forth on top of him. It feels exquisite – like a river of golden sunlight through the darkness. I need him more than anything in the world. I grasp his hands, twining my fingers through his. I want to cover his mouth with mine. I just want him!

And then the golden sunlight explodes in waves, filling me, washing over us both. We cry out. We are one, all golden light.

Slowly, we come back to ourselves. Our breath slows. Our mouths find each other in the dark. Ours fingers trace rivulets of sweat on each other. And softly we part…

…to roll back to each side of the bed and slip into sleep.