Aug 312010

cuffYou know it’s a good time when people are hanging from the rafters.

Which basically sums up my weekend. Harold and I got away for a couple of nights. I’m feeling much more relaxed, which is good because I was getting pretty wound up. Nothing relieves my tension more than a few days in bed.

One of the great things about being kinky is that it fosters a sense of creativity. While I was on my back, staring at the ceiling (I may have had a boy between my thighs), I realized it would work great to toss some rope over those rafters, attach some carabiners, put the boy (boi? He was wearing my lingerie at the time) in cuffs, and string him up. He looked beautiful against the tasteful decor. Bondage is so much fun!

We did all kinds of stuff. I adore the way we make love so seamlessly. It’s like we never really stop. Like we float in a river of desire. That warm rush can flow from oral sex to an hour of talking and kissing, to nipple clamps, to showering together, to anal sex, to sleeping all twined together, to talking some more, to 69, to feeding each other fruit, to ball whacking, to intense fucking, to staring into each others eyes, to using the vibrator, to reading aloud to each other, to fisting, to sitting on the porch naked, to making out… until I feel like I breathe love and sweat sex!