Sep 232010

I’m really into breasts. I think breasts are one of the most beautiful features of the human body. I’ve almost never seen a pair of breasts that I didn’t like the look of – and I’ve seen a lot of breasts, both as a lactation educator and as a sex-positive activist! The curves are so perfect. Cleavage promises so much. And nipples…

Nipples are like the cherry on top of the sundae. I LOVE to play with nipples. Boys or girls, I adore flicking my tongue across an erect nipple, pulling the whole thing into my mouth, gently biting, squeezing, applying clothespins. Nipples are targets that say, “Take me!”

It works the other way round too. If you want to get to cunt, my breasts are a good place to start. I like to have my breasts caressed and held, not squeezed. Appreciated, adored, worshiped. When I start to arch my back, thrusting my chest closer, I want my nipples to be sucked on. Gently at first, teased, then more pressure. Give me that exquisite bliss that is so close to orgasm, but not quite there.

Joel somehow manages to suck on both of my nipples at the same time. He actually made me come this way once. It was a fabulously intense orgasm that surprised us both. Harold can totally put me over the edge into orgasm by getting me really close with his tongue on my clit and his fingers inside me then pinching my nipples. Playing with my nipples helps to draw out the pleasure – keeping me from coming too soon and sending me into long spasms of ecstasy when I’m ready.

I once attended a lecture where one of the key speakers explained that nipples are not sexual by nature, that we learn to associate sexual feelings with nipples. I certainly never felt turned on by nursing my babies, but pap smears don’t get me going either. Based on my experience of nipple stimulation going straight to my cunt, though, I would say that nipples do have some direct sexual connections.

Breasts really are the best.

  • Hemisemidecimated

    I agree with every word…no, every letter you wrote.  My girlfriend’s nipples are probably the main act of foreplay for us…her nipples were never sensitive up until last july  or so.  I”d suck and suck, not affecting her in any apparent way.  But one night it all changed. We had an argument lasting an hour, i was pissed at her for it and when it subsided i tore her shirt open and started sucking…i was going to get something selfish and pleasurable out of the ruined evening.  
    Something clicked in her, maybe intense feelings and good feelings coinciding, and it’s been a fantasy ever since.  I can give her orgasms on each nipple, alternating focusing on one, she’ll blow to bits, then the other every five minutes.  Biting and riding crops, flicking her nipples hard with my fingers and fucking them with my cock, it’s a great new turn for us, we’ve turned nipple worship into a ritual.
    Reading your page here, boy i’d like to get both you B’s in my bedroom, work you both over heheh. 
    If you want, take a look at a little video on dailymotion, this is of me laying into her tits with a crop.  Sorry about bad lighting but listen as i hit her nipples, she moans…i couldn’t ask for better.
    From a fellow nipple worshipper.