Sep 182010

WholeSexLifeI’m starting to look at college boys with a whole new appreciation. When I disclosed this to Harold, he pointed out that young bodies should certainly be appreciated. Not to mention that young adults have done enough sexual exploration to be open to some new experiences. Well, I’m a natural teacher. I have lots to teach people about sex!

I found that to be true as a teenager when I had sex with virgins. I loved teaching them all about sex. I was quite thorough. It’s a kind of immortality to be someone’s first. Since they’re gong to remember you forever, it ought to be good. But, at a certain point, I realized I was getting too old to have sex with teenaged virgins, so I moved on – to seducing straight girls.

Now I find that I miss sharing the joys of discovering sex in all it’s glory. I guess there’s no alternative. I’ll have to become a cougar, an older woman who dates younger men. Maybe even Miss Cougar America! (Yes, there’s a pageant.) I think they’ve got this pageant backwards though. Evidently, the young men vote for Miss Cougar. I think the women ought to be voting for the young men and collecting bribes and receiving favors. It just makes sense.

I’m not at a place now where I’m ready to be a cougar. I don’t think I’m technically old enough. Maybe in 10 or 20 years. I’m not hung up on the age difference. Harold is 24 years older than me. But I’m looking forward to being a generous lover to some yummy younger man – I can teach him a thing or two, be a good resource, show him how to have fun. I’m sure looking forward to that!