Oct 102010

Joel and I had a good weekend, but it wasn’t the sex-fest I had hoped for. My plans were foiled by jock itch. Major bummer. Poor Joel has a really bad case of fungus in the groin area, probably brought on by the pants he is required to wear for work and warm temperatures. He’s been using anti-fungal cream, but it still hurts to walk. Not exactly the thing to turn us both on.

Fungus can be a big problem. I used to get frequent yeast infections. I’m sensitive to everything – antibiotics, hot tubs, bubble bath, condoms, and lube will all disrupt my delicate ph balance. I’ve managed to find some things that help. I only wear cotton underwear to ensure good airflow, but at least now there are some sexy options. If I do get a yeast flare-up, I microwave my underwear. I buy non-lubricated condoms and I’m very careful about the lube I choose. I take probiotic supplements to encourage the growth of good flora. And I use boric acid capsules vaginally to restore the proper ph balance if I feel off.

It’s important to take care of fungus and not spread it around the family. Hand washing is vital. We don’t want to pass a fungal infection to the baby. Or transmit from Joel to me to Harold to Melanie. So, I didn’t have sex this weekend (Damn, sex fiend foiled by epic fungus!), but I did spend time being in love with my beautiful husband.