Nov 132010

My menI love both Harold and Joel. I have very different, yet equally amazing relationships with each of them. We are blessed to be a family together. But I have a confession to make…

Sometimes I fantasize about the two of them getting together.

It makes sense, right? I have great sex with each of them – they should have great sex with each other. We have all three played around in bed together, but there’s less action between the two guys and more focus on me. I like that, but sometimes I just want me some hot boy-on-boy love. It’s a fantasy I’ve cherished for a long time.

Joel and Harold know about my lascivious flights of imagination and they do their best  to taunt and tease me. For example, last night they were working together to order pizza online and I was sitting on the floor taking pictures of the incredibly cute baby. I aimed the camera at them and snapped a few pictures. They tried to get my opinion on something vital for dinner but I was too far gone.

“Kiss!” I demanded, and they did. I snapped a picture and they stopped.

“No! Kiss some more,” I pleaded. My breath catching in my throat, I tried desperately to take more pictures, but the camera suddenly seemed frozen. My boys are making out fairly intensely – with tongue.

“No,” I wailed, “I’m pressing my button over and over, but I can’t get the shutter to happen!” At this point I’m laughing and gasping. I know I’m blushing and I feel like a total voyeur. The guys just laugh at me and tease me. I manage to get ahold of myself.

“Okay, do it again. I need pictures.” They comply and actually seem to enjoy themselves. I’m in heaven.

The kiss 1The kiss 3 The kiss 2

Oh my. This will fuel my fantasies for a long while. Maybe until I can get them both away from everything and into bed!

Then this morning, we were all working together to come up with a Costco list. (We already know that Costco is pretty hot!) I keep a running list on my iPhone so I asked Harold if I should text it to him. Joel got all indignant and claimed that I ought to sext my list. That’s sexy texting, if you didn’t know. Then Joel sent Harold an example…

“Hey baby could you and your HUGE cock go to Costco and get medicine, you BIG stud you. Kisses. Joel”

Beats the hell out of my “wet cat food, coffee, milk, fruit” list, but I wonder if Joel isn’t working a little too hard to simply provide an example. I mean, maybe there is something more going on here! A girl can dream…

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