Nov 222010

Wood and snowOccasionally, I’m not in the mood. It happens. Like today, I did all of my work for WholeSexLife, but I didn’t really feel it. It’s difficult to gauge how erotic, provocative, or sexy a photo is when I’m just not there. Nothing happening below the waist today, boys.

Actually, my boys were very sweet. Joel cleaned house naked just to cheer me up. He even demanded that Harold take off his clothes when he came home from work. The naked boys sandwiched me and gave me kisses. Most of the time this would have me feeling at least mildly turned on. Today, it makes me happy because I’m a lucky girl, but I don’t feel like jumping them.

I do feel oddly weepy – and no, it’s not that time of the month. Maybe my body is busy doing something else right now. I’m not worried. Everything in my life is pretty good. I am full of love. I’ve done some lovely kissing today that left me feeling intimately connected. I took a bath to have some time to myself. I spent some time being quiet in my body.

I love it when everything flows and I feel alive and on. It’s great to feel sexy and hot. I want that spark of connection. I enjoy feeling lust and desire. It’s fabulous. But it’s one part of who I am, not my identity. I am the CEO of WholeSexLife, but sex is not my whole life.

I’m not in the mood right now… but tomorrow is another day.