Dec 022010

Wrists boundI’m a girl gone wild this morning! I don’t know what happened. Maybe finally getting some down time reset my creative force. I’m certainly hornier than usual. Maybe I’m just generally more energetic and working focuses my mind on sex.

For example, I was surfing some (totally work related) porn this morning and I came across some bondage sites. Usually, I fantasize about being the one tied up, but not today. I want a girl to tie up!  My very own curvy girl to tie in pervy poses. She doesn’t even have to be a sex partner, although I would be happy to torture and delight her. Are you listening Santa? I want a bondage girl. I’ll take good care of her, promise!

And I got off in the shower again, even though my whole abdomen aches from a deep and strenuous fucking and my right nipple is sore from a malfunctioning clamp and additional stimulus. I’m not sure if I’m becoming more aqua-erotic or if it’s the only place in the house I might be alone for a minute. Anyway, the orgasm was almost instant thinking about wrapping rope around pretty girls.

Nipple clampEven after I came, I wasn’t done. I spent the rest of my shower fantasizing about sexual situations with myself and 3-5 guys, including my 2 guys of course! I have to laugh at myself because I spend more time visualizing the logistics of who goes where than feeling the sexiness of a gang bang.

I’m also full of fabulous ideas for the website, so at least some of this sexplosion is useful. But for future reference, porn before breakfast gets me all wound up. I think I’m going to go put this energy to good use cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry.