Dec 072010

Sunday morning things were getting kind of hot and heavy between Joel and me. We were snuggled up in bed, kissing and caressing. I think we were on the verge of penetration. Then a large plush monkey plunked down on top of us. With a monkey suddenly in the mix, the mood was ruined. We obviously needed a date.

Luckily, we’re polyamorous and we’re sometimes able to sneak off and have some alone-time together. Last night Melanie was working late, so Harold stayed with the children while Joel and I went down the hill to the cabin. Yay!

Evoe in pink ropeWe built a fire, then drank wine, ate chocolate-covered cherries, and talked while the cabin warmed up. It’s nice to simply have time to talk – without someone needing something or having a bunch of crises to solve. It’s soothing to just sit and watch the flames flicker.

After a while, Joel took his clothes off. He started using a cane on my ass, through my jeans, while continuing to talk. I normally hate caning, but this was nice. I took my shirt off. And my pants. He switched to a paddle. He then proceeded to give me a sound spanking, the likes of which I have not experienced in a long while. He made me writhe around uncomfortably, but without going too far into pain. I was feeling nice and warmed up when Joel got out the rope!

I love bondage. Pretty bondage is even better. Joel used hot pink rope to bind my wrists, elbows, and knees (right over my thigh-high wool socks). He even tied my wrists to my knees. I liked this configuration because it pushed my breast forward in a becoming way. It also left my cunt accessible. A situation which Joel took advantage of with his tongue. When I was squirming and ready, he fucked me – holding onto my ankles while he slammed into me.

We both came pretty quickly. Joel, finding more than a physical release, orgasmed with an enormous bellow. I think he manages to release emotion like this, the way that I do by crying. Maybe that, right there, explains the gender divide between sex and emotion. Maybe not – Harold cries often and still comes spectacularly.

It was pretty dark in the cabin, but Joel wanted to take pictures. He used a flashlight and my iPhone to take some pictures that look totally gritty and perverted. Interesting kidnap fantasy kind of photos, although I think there is also a serenity to them. What you don’t see, is me subtly picking apart the knots. Joel offered to help me, but I like proving that I can get loose. I’m good at it!

There are very few people that I will let top me. Joel is at the top of that list (bad puns aside). I’m not submissive, but I am willing to give myself to the people I love. I’ll admit that it can be nice to lay back and let someone else provide a sexual experience for me. And I have fun struggling.

Wrists and kneesAfter I got untied we spent some time floating in that beautiful, blissful post-coital place – some talking, some tickling, some kissing, some laughing. I brought myself to orgasm again with a vibrator. It’s fun to see how long I can keep myself on the edge of coming.

Sated and sleepy, we pulled our clothes back on and stumbled back up the hill and home. Harold had the kids in bed and the kitchen cleaned. Even the coffee prepped for morning and the garbage taken out to the road! It’s a very wonderful feeling to come home from sex with one amazing man, to another man I love who has everything at home under control. Love, love, love!