Dec 252010

I am such a lucky grrrl. This is such a perfect Christmas. Melanie found this great rental house in Eastern Washington and 12 of us are staying here. There’s about 2 feet of snow and more coming down. The hills surround the valley and a river runs past the house. I’m sitting here by the fireplace and the beautiful tree, surrounded by the stocking debris. I’m drinking a mug of hot buttered rum – which is scandalous before noon! Earlier I soaked in the indoor custom hot tub. I could learn to like this.

holiday hot tub

This is my family – Harold & Melanie, Joel and me, Harold’s two sons who are in their twenties, the girlfriend of the younger son, and all of my children, including the baby who belongs to all of us. It makes me unreasonably happy to have us all together for the holidays. I get all fierce and protective of my family like any momma. Everyone has been wonderful.

Evoe in the snowIt was a lot of work to coordinate Santa for 12, not to mention the food, but it’s been so worth it. Seeing everyone’s stockings stuffed to overflowing was impressive. I love watching people’s faces as they open their little gifts. I think I’m still coasting on that high, even though the little children are erupting from too much excitement and sugar.

Santa seemed to have a decidedly kinky bent this year. There were nice anal beads, a gladiator-like cock restraining device, a ball chain flogger, and belled nipple clamps. I hit the jackpot, however, with my loot. I got a couple humorous books on sexual positions, cock-shaped cookie cutters and muffin tins, the sexiest red and black leather briefcase, the Little Devil electrical toy that I really wanted, and the biggest surprise – my very own TENS unit! I must have been naughty in all the right ways. I can’t wait to try it out.

Snow in the pussyI might try to sneak away with Harold later. Not only is there the new equipment to experiment with, but there are several unusual kitchen implements here I’d like to try out on Harold’s balls. I can always play outside until I find my moment. We’re having a ton of fun. There’s been sledding and the sculpting of a variety of creative snow beings. I’ve done a few erotic photo shoots – both as a photographer and as a model. Harold even got me to sit naked in the snow. I’ve never had snow in my pussy before. Yikes!

I’ve been working hard to let go of all of my hang-ups about having a perfect Christmas and strangely enough, not feeling resentful about everything really improves the experience. But I am also blessed with a really amazing family. Thinking about it makes me cry. and it’s not just the rum talking.