Dec 042010

tree bondageHappily, today is all about launching the holiday season! I finally remembered to get out the advent pop-up tree. (Pop-up is soooo good!)

We picked out material at the fabric store to make stockings for all 12 people in our family. (I love our complicated, cozy, poly family! We will rock our stockings.)

We went and got 3 trees at Ikea – one for my house, one for Melanie’s house, and one to take with us to our mountain chalet. We didn’t even look at the trees before we bought them, in keeping with my new policy of eschewing perfection. Trees are never perfectly perfect anyway, like people. (Perfectly good enough trees, we salute you and will worship you in all your tarted-up splendor.) Then we had fun strapping all three trees to the top of the van. (What is it about the holidays that so inspires bondage?)

holiday partyOn the way home my boys had a conversation about the political correctness of calling Santa fat. One boy thought it was okay even though Santa brings the presents, and the other felt that it might hurt Santa’s feelings. He suggested rounded instead. Or maybe curvy? (I am heartened that my sons are considering people’s feeling about their body image. It bodes well for future relationships.)

Tonight Harold and Melanie are hosting a holiday party, complete with bonfire. I plan to go fetish formal. I’m making pomegranate candy. I hope it snows.

Happy, happy!!!