Dec 062010

Dear Prospective Date,

I’m not going to be able to keep our date for tomorrow. I was going to give some polite excuses about my schedule being chaotic tomorrow, which is true. Then I realized that the real reason may be useful for you to hear.

I didn’t mind you asking for a ride. I didn’t really mind you asking me to pay your way. I had planned on that anyway, since it’s a work related meeting, but paired with the second email I’m not feeling very positive for even a good working relationship. I’m flattered that you checked out my website. Thank you for saying that I have a nice pussy. I’m pleased to be admired. But… can I send you a full body nude?

full body nudeThat’s offensive on a couple of levels. We haven’t even met yet. Will you cancel our date if my full body pic isn’t up to your standards? Are you constructing a fantasy version of me? Your request implies that my body is more important to you than actually knowing me. My website is a fairly accurate portrayal of me. If you just want to beat off, my time is worth more to me.

All of your statements,when taken together, rub me the wrong way, and seem pretty insensitive. I’m assuming that you are young and inexperienced. You talk a good game about being into erotic touch. I think that’s great and we might have ended up doing some of that, but I certainly don’t feel comfortable with that now. I’m not even interested in working with you. I’m just not feeling it.

Best wishes,