Dec 142010

Finger insideIt usually happens when I’m all alone. Sometimes it’s because I’m feeling sad and sometimes because I feel good about myself. It can be quick and satisfying or a slow languorous exploration. It’s nice when both my guys are too tired. It’s a special treat to indulge myself. It’s an escape when I’m stressed. I know my body better than anyone in the world. And I love myself. So masturbation is a pleasure that’s all mine.

I just close my eyes and slip into another world – one that’s all sensation and bliss. I might run my fingers across my skin, pinch my nipples, or caress the insides of my thighs. I feel myself breath, the air moving over my lips and tongue. I might run a single moistened finger around my clit or focus the shower head at my most sensitive places. Depending on how I feel, I might squeeze a pillow between my thighs or slide a couple of my fingers into my cunt. Occasionally, I might fuck a dildo or use a vibrator. But it’s all about how it feels.

I didn’t used to be into vibrators. I’m so sensitive that it just feels like too much. I’m slowly coming around though. Especially to Magic Wand use. Once Harold and Melanie were messing around, so I picked up the Magic Wand and started experimenting with it. I think I came 5 or 6 times in about 3 minutes. When I opened my eyes they were both just staring at me. It was the beginning of a series of multi-orgasmic ventures.

Magic Wand in useThere’s a reason it’s called a Magic Wand. The orgasms are so intense that I’m sure I can use the energy to grant a wish. That’s magic. I try to do that when I come anyway – to focus the energy at a specific goal. During sex my intention is usually to strengthen my relationship with my partner. When I’m by myself, it’s wide open to whatever wish I desire. So I get to have my orgasm and make a wish too!

Which reminds me that Global Orgasm for Peace is holding their annual event next week. The idea is simple – on December 21st, dedicate an orgasm to world peace. We know that the collective human consciousness has power. Why not take the energy of orgasm and focus it on peace? People all over the world will be joining in. And why not? Sure it’s woo-woo, but it’s free and it’s fun. It can’t hurt (unless you want it to)!

Go on, make a wish, you deserve it…