Dec 092010

UTI faceI’m sure I have to pee. I’m practically dancing around to get to the bathroom. Relieved, I sit down on the toilet and relax the muscles to release the urine. A small trickle dribbles out. That can’t be right! I bear down, but only a few more drops emerge. Puzzled, I check in with my body. No burning sensation when I pee, but there is definitely something not right in the general area of my urethra. Fuck. A probable urinary tract infection – the fearsome UTI.

I go in to see my cute nurse practitioner, Jennifer. I explain how it’s probably just a baby UTI. I can feel these things coming on quite early. I used to get them a lot but then I changed my sex habits – things like using the bathroom right after sex and sometimes even using antibiotic ointment as a barrier across my urethra. Drinking a ton of water helps too. I guess I’ve gotten sloppy recently.

Actually, now that I think about it, when Harold and I had sex on Tuesday there was a lot more rubbing in that area than usual. I also waited about an hour after to use the bathroom. Peeing in the rain and dark at the cabin didn’t sound like fun and then I just waited longer than I needed to. Oopsies.

Sheila-na-gigSo now, I’ll take antibiotics for 5 days. Then I’ll deal with the yeast infection brought on by the antibiotics. But it will be worth it, because having a UTI tends to make me feel bad in a remembering sexual abuse kind of way. I tend to avoid feeling of pain and discomfort “down there” for just that reason.

The good news is that we caught it early. I’m going to drink gallons of cranberry juice (which helps by irritating the bladder lining so the bacteria can’t stick – cool, right?), and take my meds, and I’ll be groovy by Saturday. Maybe this is my body’s way of letting me know that I should cut back on the sexual activity for a few days. Let me think about that. Hmmm… no. I think my nipples are starting to feel better!