Dec 032010

Creativity is a huge asset to a healthy sex life – as long as you don’t  get in too much trouble. There’s a fine art to looking at an object and immediately thinking of the kinky uses it might have, and then sifting through those options for the ones that are the most prudent. A fine art.

Today I was working from Harold’s home office. No one else was around. It was very peaceful and I felt relaxed. I was looking at The Stockroom’s website, researching them as a possible advertiser when we launch the site, because I love their stuff. And their site is the best porn on the web. Every item I look at is loaded with potential for really hot sex. I end up wanting everything!

Then I saw this. Totally wet, squirming in my seat excitement! I had to get on IM with Harold to ask him if he can make one of these stockade systems. It’s fucking brilliant. Or something. I was instantly turned on. I think he’s going to make me a restraint system!

Spiral paper clipI needed to get off right then. I started going through the desk drawers. Harold has some good stuff in there. Like spiral paper clips. They’re beautiful. And I can just barely squeeze my nipples through the center and the barbells hold them in place. I had that moment where I had to push myself past the scary pain to have it work. I almost didn’t do the right one because that nipple has been really sore – then I did it anyway. Nipple bondage.

I told Harold what I was doing over IM. I think he was enjoying the vicarious adventure. It escalated. I got to the place where I needed to come. I got myself off with various things from Harold’s drawers, all while giving Harold the blow-by-blow. I may have gotten the desk a bit wet. And likely the chair. Maybe even Harold.

It was fabulously hot and sexy. But then I felt kind of embarrassed. I still had paper clips stuck to my nipples. Getting the clips off was a bit difficult and now my right nipple is even more sore. It probably wasn’t my best idea. But the orgasm was fantastic, and I managed to shop for stocking stuffers!