Dec 222010

Holiday lightsI think the holidays are finally getting to me. I’m at that breaking point where I realize how much there is still to do, and how little time. Monday night Joel and I and Harold and Melanie all went to the movies together, which was fabulous. I love when we can all go out together! But after that things kinda fell apart.

Joel and I got in a fight. Several of the children started vomiting. (I’m totally phobic about vomiting!) We had a diabetic emergency with our teen-ager that very nearly required a trip to the ER. We had people to pick up from the airport at two different times. The kitchen facet broke. I have a mountain of laundry to do. Oh, and there was cat shit in the washer. Yeah, that’s about it.

I look forward to my dates with Harold every week because they are my escape from the stressors of everyday life. We go down to the cabin and it’s like entering a different dimension. Yes, we usually have sex while we’re there, but it’s because I trust that Joel has everything handled at home and I can just relax and let go. It’s not always easy for me to let go. I’ve especially been looking forward to this date because Harold was going to teach me about fire play.

Evoe's ass by firelightUnfortunately, with everything going on and trying to put together Christmas in the mountains for 12 people, we didn’t think the date would happen. Although Harold and I are both likely to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good, the date is considered sacrosanct. Without the date, Momma is not happy, and if Momma’s not happy – nobody is happy. So it was with chaos reigning fire down upon my house, that I realized I was not going to get my date – and if ever there was a time I needed that date… Well damn. And I put sexy underwear on this morning too!

Then, a miracle happened and the diabetic emergency got resolved and no one was in the middle of throwing up and Joel told me to just get away for a few hours. Wow! After reassuring myself that everyone would really be okay, I went for it. Harold and I went down to the cabin and talked while we waited for the fire to warm up the room. This is also part of the letting go process.

At some point Harold asked if he should take a Viagra. This is a complicated question. The pills cost $18 each and I didn’t feel like sex at that moment, but if there is any chance of fucking, then a Viagra couldn’t hurt, right? Then again, we have sex most of the time. But I don’t want to feel obligated. We talked through all of that and decided yes.

The funny thing is, somehow we just fall together. If we can each release our tensions and just be together, the sex follows. It was very simple this time, no sex toys, no role-play – just us opening our hearts to each other and letting our bodies follow. It was exactly what I needed, raw and intense and pure. All that sweetness of joining together temporarily held the stress at bay. I had a few precious moments of peace. I think the two amazing orgasms had something to do with it.

Harold wrapping a wand for fire playAfterwards, Harold did show me some fire play. I can see the application as part of sensation play or topping someone, but I was somewhat disappointed. It did not thrill me. I might try to set up a fire play photo shoot at some point, but it would be challenging. Still, the scientist in me is always excited to learn something new. Yay!

In the end, today has been better than I would have expected. I did get my date with Harold. I finished sewing the 10 stockings. We made a ton of lists. The children are all still alive. And I do have two men who love me so much that they will clean vomit out of the weirdest places and cat shit out of the washing machine. I think I need another orgasm.

  • Vonvoncake

    I’m glad you got your date! Yay! And I totally get the stress relief thing…TOTALLY. Speaking of which, where’s my bunk…