Dec 012010

Evoe looking bleakThe best part of my day so far was discovering that if I turn up the volume on my car stereo high enough, the vibration of the seat belt against my nipple piercing is mildly arousing. Pretty sad, right? I love my life and the past week has been fantastic, but I’ve also been running at maximum stress. Today was supposed to be my day to get some website work done. I even had hopes for some me time – maybe a pedicure. But then my sons got into an epic fight this morning. My day consisted of visiting the dentist, the pediatrician, and a specialist. Everyone is fine, but I’m fried. I need some self care.

Thankfully, I did get a couple of hours alone this afternoon. I ate lunch because I feel so much better with food in my body. I did some work. And I decided to take a bath and relax. I took my MacBook and iPhone with me. In the bathtub. I continued to work. I made phone calls. I discussed some business items over IM. I’m such a geek.

Close to the time I had to leave for another appointment, I finally paid attention to what my body was saying. I hurt! My muscles are sore. I had a play date yesterday, a basic handgun course the day before, and roller skating the day before that. Not to mention being climbed on by a monkey masquerading as my toddler. These are all great things, but I need to treat myself better and take care of my body so I can keep doing fun things.

After comingAnd not just my body, it’s been an emotional taxing week as well. I need to be aware that tears are lurking around every bend. I need to be gentle with myself – give myself some time to zone out, process everything that I’ve been experiencing.

My self care plan is already in motion. As of now, I’m off work. Harold brought home take-out from my favorite restaurant. I’m not going to clean anything tonight. I might read a book in bed or watch something mindless. After the children are in bed, I hope to get Harold to rub scented oil into every inch of my body. And if things go further than that – well, that’s very therapeutic. And if they don’t, then self care can alway include self love, because an orgasm is a gift I can give myself.