Dec 232010

Sex on wheelsI’ve always known that Costco was kinky. But today I saw something that made my jaw drop. I am full of want. I think that it was being marketed as a massive tool chest, but I know differently. It’s made for sex. Kinky sex.

It’s like five feet long. I could spread a person across that nice smooth wood surface and secure their hands (or head!) and feet to those handy shiny metal rods on either end. It’s so perfect! And then their are those drawers – 12 drawers of varying shapes and sizes, perfect for holding all of my sex toys. Even my spreader bars would fit in there! And my floggers. And my riding crop. And ropes, and paddles, and vibrators, and all kinds of stuff! Everything would fit in one place – including the person I want to torture.

Tool chest of desireAnd it has safety features. Kids can’t get into the drawers because they lock! Also, it’s on wheels, just in case you need to move around some. Easy! It’s probably great for photo shoots. I just get all excited and wet thinking about the possibilities. Everything at my fingertips like that…

Costco has all kinds of contraptions for sale. Weird things that will suspend a person upside down. The say that it’s for exercise, but I think we all know what that means. Well I say, go Costco and continue to be as kinky as you are. I continue to be inspired even when I think that I have everything I need. I just wish it wasn’t $500. And that I had a place to put it! It’s up near the top of my list for when I get my new office/photography studio. That would be hot!