Jan 192011

Trampling tableI find inspiration in many places. Recently it’s been some CBT videos Harold showed me a while ago, some toys I saw online, and the steampunk movement. These things heavily influenced my requests for birthday presents – a trampling table so I could step on Harold’s cock and balls and the prototype of a new kind of ball vise that we will eventually make a steampunk version of. It’s very exciting!

I got to try out the trampling table, but it was so successful that we didn’t get to try out the vise. Yet. But the box… very excellent. I shot video, but I need to edit it down before I post it. I am in love. Harold’s design is fairly simple, but effective. It reminds me of a low altar that I should meditate at. In fact, it may become a low altar, when not in use because I’m not sure what to do with it!

We did discover that a small pillow under Harold’s ass improves usage. It was pretty easy to get his cock and balls through the hole – cock first, then scrotum, then one ball at a time. And Harold under the tablethey stayed until we pulled them back through! Then I stood on the table and worked my magic with my feet. We used lots of lube which really improved Harold’s experience, but made things quite slippery for me. After a while I sat down so I could have full usage of both feet.

It worked very well. Without meaning to, I brought Harold right up to the edge of orgasm. I had other plans, but after thinking about it, I let him come. It seems right to fully bless a new toy. Harold says that it’s the most sensuous CBT he’s ever experienced. He was rather… impressed.

For me it’s the fulfillment of a long time fantasy. I love to use my feet and only my feet to get a guy off. I love the squish of balls under my feet. I get all turned on when my partner is obviously feeling good. It’s a fabulous birthday present! (And I’ll get him in the vise later!)

  • Ray

    very nice ‘toy’ lucky harold !

  • Wonderwomyn


  • Basil Magers

    nice pressure on those nuts

  • cj

    Did he build that were would I get one

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    You can find the plans to build your own trample table at: http://www.wholesexlife.com/trampletable.pdf