Jan 262011

FeetI’m hoping that I can look back on this moment as the pivotal point at which I became a pornographer. Or erotic artist, depending on your personal preference. I put together a movie of some footage I shot when Harold and I first tried out the trampling table last week. It’s nothing fancy or earth shattering, but I think that it’s sexy. I hope that you do too!

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  • Safari4444

    Very good start, hope it intensifies. Wish it was me.

  • A-sexual

    I love it, thanks for the inspiration, I’ll pass it on

  • Mactarnahan_1

    It was a very unusual milking I think. He never got very hard and you were quite gentle. Next time you might standing up and pressing right down on his balls at the first sign of cum and then stomp every last drop of cum from those balls.

  • doakman2007

    Great video. Would love her to do my balls next. I almost came just watching.

  • Psbearkim

    Great vid, I like to do that to slaves as well to bad we coudl not have seen Harolds face as you worked him.

  • Scooter

    I would like to try it and ust see how much I could take.

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    Harold doesn’t always get totally hard. It was our first time experimenting with a new toy so we weren’t as rough as we might be. I like the idea of stomping out every bit of cum!

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    I actually have more footage to put together of a full CBT scene that includes Harold’s face. Hopefully I’ll have that ready in the next couple of days! It’s great to watch him react!

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    Yay! That’s awesome.

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    Thank you!

  • Mike-chester

    Am green with envy ………so wish that was my cock :)

  • Tcdfw

    That was fucking hot video. Excellent work and the most unique technique I have even seen using th table. Awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  • J1andj22001

    Nice work, liked the soundtrack very much. Hope you shoot more soon!!!!

  • Qr1959

    very good for your first attempt…. and I am sure that Harold got to lick your feet clean. If not he owes you one good cum clean up

  • Jack70451

    Nice work! The showing of only feet and penis lends an air of animation or character performance (the cock and the feet as performers detached from any human). I liked it for that “spirit.” It is my view that the full humans need to be presented for the highest erotic interest – seeing the expressions as you mention. But you have time to explore all forms since you are doing so out of your desire and not merely as a performance.

    PS – I’d still love to see you put one or more of your subs on the ball-leash.

  • Leoguy1955

    That was Hot! So cool. Your very good with your sey feet. Loved the music nice touch.

  • Mistress Tracy


    I agree with a few of the others here. It was very erotic, and making optimum use of light and dark. Showcasing your bare feet and only your bare feet (with Harlod’s cock and ballz) was very innovative. One could easily view the feet as two individuals .. sometimes working in tandem, other times working independently. Still, two ravenous animals vying for the same prey.

    I absolutely loved the concept of “a low altar that I should meditate at”.
    That’s some form of meditation!! Transcendental? Hahaha!

    I think you siting rather than standing will be easier for you in future episodes. You have better “range” that way, and there’s no awkward “flamingo” – standing on one leg. I also liked the way you used all parts of the foot (feet) to make contact. Not just toes, but balls of the feet, arches, soles .. even the top.

    Will disagree with Mactarnahan_1 though. Don’t stomp. Try a lighter coercion next time. Teasing. Fondling. It’s your toy. Treat it as such!

    a low altar that I should meditate at.

  • Narrowhell

    this is fantastico! why don’t they make public rooms where men can stick out there penises through the holes in the floor and women can trample them anonymously. how cool would that be! narrowhell@yahoo.com

  • Night Sky500

    Excellent, very original and hot as hell, congrats!