Jan 022011

Yes actually, I would like some of thatWaking up fully rested and horny is kind of nice, especially after Joel comes back from his days at work. This morning was like that. I was really looking forward to our date tonight, hoping for some action. I mean, I haven’t been fucked in 7 days! Then it dawned on me that we didn’t have to wait until tonight to have a date. We could get babysitting right away!

And we did. Everything just worked. I was nervous that Joel might not want to have sex, but strangely enough, just saying “I’m horny, let’s go down to the cabin,” seemed to be effective. His erection and attentions in the shower dispelled any lingering doubts.

Evoe boundSoon we were on our way down the hill to the cabin. Harold had kindly gone ahead and built a fire for us so it was nice and warm. We peeled all of our clothes off and kind of looked at each other like, now what? I pulled out all of my new bondage toys and showed them to Joel – basically an invitation to tie me up. He did his best to try everything out, bringing me to orgasm several times in the process. Basically, he used rope to tie my legs up and apart, bondage tape to bind my arms together, and rope to tie them up over my head while I was lying on my back.

Around this time I mentioned that Joel would have to take pictures. I should remember that a girl who is tied up is in no position to dictate terms. I ended up with a clothes pin on my tongue. (But he did take a few pictures!)

After some playing around with sensation, power exchange, and pain, we did indeed fuck. Yes I was suspended by my ankles and arms, but it was fabulous. I love the way we fit together. We’re so careful of each other right now because we’re both working to be whole and that involves some fragility, but we’ve always just been good together. This was wilder play than we’ve managed for a while. I think it’s getting easier.

JoelJoel untied me, and we talked a bunch while I waited for the pins and needles to stop attacking my hands. We know several couples who are getting divorced right now. That tends to make you take a good look at your marriage. We’ve been together over 10 years and we’ve been considering couples counseling recently. In light of these divorces, I feel even more strongly that it would be a good thing. We love each other so much and we share so much, but we’ve both been changing and that means that all of our unspoken agreements need to change as well. I want to do the work as a couple in order to stay a couple.

When we had sufficiently recovered, we went off to brunch at the diner down the street. It’s so nice to enjoy a meal without the children. We actually talk. To each other. Sure, Joel talked mostly about gaming and I talked mostly about all of the things on my schedule this week and how my anxiety levels are spiking, but we did get a chance to share with each other the things going on in our lives. It feels good.

I wish that spending time together was always this easy.