Jan 172011

Ready for spankingsIn honor of my birthday, I’ve decided to take this week off from feeling stressed out and from actively processing yucky sex abuse stuff. Instead we shall raise hell and make merry FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Really, a single day is not enough to celebrate one’s birth. So let’s get happy!

Melanie kicked off my birthday week with a surprise triple chocolate cupcake complete with candle and “Happy Birthday” in pink! Harold and Melanie even sang to me. I love that kind of surprise!

Today I was reminded of a very important thing. Sometimes, it’s not all about sex. Shocking, I know! Joel and I had some time together this afternoon and both of us felt kind of ambivalent about having sex, so instead we had a leisurely late lunch and took a walk along the river. We spent the time talking and catching up on each other’s lives. It was fabulous! I feel a lot closer to him. I came home feeling good and painted the walls of my new home office red.

Cthulhu bubblyNow I’m hanging with Joel while we both work on our computers and we’re drinking bubbly with a candied hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass. It’s yummy, but strange, having a cthulhusque blossom in my beverage. It’s actually rather erotic. Maybe when we go to bed things will feel less ambivalent.

Tomorrow I will have a relaxed morning, followed by a date with Harold. I’m not sure what’s on the menu, but I know that Harold’s been busy making me wicked sex toys for my birthday. Maybe I don’t get to have them until my actual birthday. In that case, I have some new medical play equipment to try out. Enema perhaps? Dermal stapling? We shall see.

Wednesday is my birthday!!! I’ll be 38. I am going to the spa. Oh yes. Been wanting to visit the spa for a long time. Then I’m hoping to have dinner with Harold, Melanie, and Joel. It’s so nice when we all go out together and just laugh, enjoy the food and each other. There’s a reason we’re all together. I’m pretty sure spankings come after that.

Wild girlThursday I may get a pedicure or bikini wax. I’ll do something happy-making anyway. In the evening, I have plans with my children. Plus, I will be getting ready for my weekend!

Harold and I will be going away to Lummi Island for the weekend. There’s a cabin there that we like. We had lots of really awesome sex there. I’m going to take the opportunity to try out the video camera, maybe make a few CBT videos. The main objective is to let go of all the stress and just enjoy myself.

Yes, I have my birthday week all planned out – I’m a Capricorn, we do that. It is subject to change, especially upgrades. But birthday weeks come only once a year. If you want to get me something, you can have an amazing orgasm and think of me. I’ll put the energy to good use, I promise!