Jan 142011

Evoe from behindI’m kneeling over his face, whacking his balls while he licks my cunt. Then I can’t stand it and I’m diving down to put his cock in my mouth. I keep whacking, but I’m sucking for all I’m worth and grinding my clit against his mouth. I feel wild. The fire is hot in the wood stove and sweat covers us both. I am totally in the moment and full of need. I want us to get under each other’s skin and crawl around.

I can tell he’s close to coming so I back off, but I still want him. His tongue flicks across my clitoris a few more times and I’m coming like ocean waves. I rock back and forth as I come, squeezing his balls. His cock strains toward my mouth and I want him so much. We move around on the bed so I can straddle his cock.

Harold's cockI ease my cunt down around his cock a little at a time. I make him open his eyes and look at me because I am so full of love. I am so open. I think we can see into each other’s souls. It feels amazingly good to fuck him like this. It sends thrills to my very core. Everything is so easy and smooth. I don’t think at all, I only feel. I want everything from him.

I’m being carried off the crest of a cliff. I want to move faster and faster. He cries out. It’s loud and full of love and wonder. I dive after him and I am throbbing around his cock as he explodes into me. I can feel our rhythms mesh. Our mouths need to kiss each other. My heart beat says, I love you, I love you, I love you. It feels so good, so extremely good. My fingers are entwined in his and my hair spills across his chest. I think that I am crying, but I laugh too. Oh, I am in love.

Touching myselfWe catch our breath and let the love settle down into us. I am slick with spit and both our juices when he slides his fingers inside me. His body follows until he is crouched between my legs. He licks at me again, teasing at first, then serious. His fingers probe up inside me as his tongue twirls. I think I’m going to die. It feels so intense. I come quickly, bucking against his fingers, loving the sensation of counter-pressure against my orgasm.

I’ve had enough now, but I just can’t stop. With scientific enthusiasm I make him do it again. I’ll be in charge of my clit, so he can focus on what his fingers are doing. I want to know exactly what feels best, where and (if possible) why. Everything feels good, but some things get better. I bring myself just to the edge with my fingers on my clit, then I stop and ride his fingers. It feels different to come like this. Deeper. Throbbier. Kind of like coming during fucking, but not quite. I like it, but it seems more complicated. Maybe farther off.

Evoe comingI want more, but I’m worn out. I want to be held and to hold my boy. We lie in the glow of the fire and gaze out the darkening windows. We kiss. I ponder the nature of g-spot orgasms and how many different ways there are to come. I feel closer to him than I have for many days, even weeks. No, I don’t have to orgasm to have a good time, but why the hell would I not want to?