Jan 212011

Evoe soakingMy trip to the spa was everything that I needed it to be. I go to the Olympus Spa and it’s always a deeply relaxing experience. I feel so shiny after all that soaking, steaming, meditating, scrubbing, purifying, cleansing, and moisturizing! And the best part is being surrounded by naked women.

I really have a breast fetish. There are women of all different races, shapes, ages, and sizes at that spa and I was drawn by the beauty of every breast – from slight pointy protuberance to heavy and pendulous. That’s the thing that I learn every time that I see people naked in a non-sexual context. Everyone is beautiful without their clothes on. And by default that means that I must be beautiful naked!

Spa poolsAt the spa, everyone has their hair up in a cap and their clothes and jewelry off. Without the normal markers to judge a person by, I tend to see more of the person. I can see which women are totally comfortable in their bodies, which women feel shy but basically like their bodies, and which women have an awkward relationship with their bodies. I start to notice the things that are normally hidden by clothing – tattoos and piercings, scars and stretch marks, tan lines – all reveal intimate details about a person. After a while, I stop paying attention to the fact that women are naked at all. It just doesn’t matter.

Spa scrubIt’s good to get extra services at the spa. My favorite is the Korean body scrub. My first reaction is always that I feel like a car in a car wash. For 40 minutes, a Korean woman scrubs my whole body from head to toe. It’s a little rough, but very sensuous. Especially the part with the soft foamy soap all over. It occurred to me that it’s likely that all women crave this kind of touch – totally impersonal, yet caring physical contact that nourish the body and soul without asking for anything in return (except money). I know that I often just want to feel cherished and cared for – loving touch without any motive but my pleasure.

Spa waterfallI also like the moisturizing treatment that can follow the scrub. It’s the height of hedonistic delight. I caught glimpses of the woman on the table next to me, the single large firm breast in my field of vision gleaming with olive oil as a Korean woman poured honey over her skin. My next quick look showed rivulets of milk across a shining ass. Cucumber mask, hot steaming towels– ah, relaxation…

In a funny way, going to the spa is a very solitary experience, even when you go with friends. I find myself opened up in a way that I normally only achieve with sex, but then I am connecting with someone else. If I try to achieve that state of open relaxation the spa feels lonely. Going Salt roominto the steam sauna made me suddenly break down into sobs, like my whole body was crying. But if I dive down into myself and revel in the sheer luscious indulgent fleshly joy of it – or in other words, if I just enjoy being present in my body – it feels more like masturbating and I really enjoy myself.

It is a special treat to go to the spa. The last time I went was eight months ago. It’s hard to balance the guilt of the indulgence against the benefits of going. The are definite physical and mental health benefits. And a lot of naked breasts.