Jan 072011

leopard print braI love lingerie, but I have very few chances to wear it. It tends to be impractical while chasing children, grocery shopping, or scrubbing the toilet. And it isn’t that my guys wouldn’t be appreciative if I dress up for sex, but they’re really more interested in me being naked. And also, we tend to just grab the opportunity to have sex when it arises – spontaneous like.

Leopard print garterI do wear sexy bras and panties all of the time. The underwear is always a cotton thong or boy short, usually lacy, sparkly, or ruffly.  The bras generally come from Fredericks of Hollywood and push my breasts into odd, yet sexy positions. Everything has to be comfortable. The cool thing is, it doesn’t matter if anyone else ever sees my cute bras and panties. I wear them because it makes me feel sexy. I know that it’s there under my clothes – my secret.

Black & white gartersOne thing that I have taken out of the lingerie drawer and out into my everyday wardrobe is garters. I adore the feel of wearing a garter belt, but wearing stockings really isn’t practical in my everyday life. So about three years ago I starting wearing over-the-knee socks and made garters to hold them up. I attached garters to some boy shorts and started making my own garter clips to coordinate with the socks. I wear them often, layered with tights or fishnets, under short skirts. It’s still not always practical, but it lets me get that lingerie fetish in action.

Pink stripes & gartersBut if I think it’s difficult to figure out when and how to wear lingerie, how much harder is it for men? Not drag queens, but men who just enjoy the feel of lingerie or the satisfaction of feeling feminine from time to time. Our culture doesn’t really have a place for that. I’ve dressed both Joel and Harold in lingerie. I think they look amazingly sexy. No, actually they look like hooker lumberjacks. But I can tell that they feel sexy and that turns me on.

Luckily, I have a male friend who looks pretty hot in lingerie who agreed to model for me. Skulls and red heartsI think he rocks his garters.

Man in lingerie

  • Sineater48

    very hot

  • Kicker

    The stockings and garters are nice, but I would like to see the whole leg!!

  • Hottiemichelle2

    so beautiful,love to dress in lingerie with you both and model your beautiful new styles..message me on Fet.. Michelle xxx

  • vickiejoe

    First of all let me thank u for the nice designing …Men productls like these to help them feel more sexy than they are already…. l love wearing lingerie under my jeans… only problem is that l’m always just so hard…omg how can l knot…would love to know where to purchase some of your products espically the “over the kneel stocking” s look and yes your sexy cool garter straps and will share with my other girl friends..

    PS would love to shave your model
    Huggs Vickiejoe