Jan 052011

My tools suddenly have new potentialLearning something new is one of my favorite experiences. Generally, when I come across an idea that excites me I run to take a class, or I read a bunch of books, or I comb through the available information on the internet. I like to develop mad skills before engaging in actual practice. I want to know what I’m doing and plan it out ahead of time.

That all went out the window with the addition of my new TENS unit. I didn’t even read a blog. Well, actually, I read part of a blog on my iPhone after I was already naked and trying to figure out what to do. It was a blog that excited Harold when he found it, and he wanted me to try to duplicate it. I did spend about two minutes with the product manual. It starts with an explanation of pain. It then goes into a list of cautions. I should have paid more attention to caution #9. That’s the one that warned me to turn off the machine before removing or repositioning electrodes or probes. (It’s a very good caution. I’m in favor of it.) That’s really all of the prep I had before wiring Harold up.

Harold all wiredI don’t have any swanky bi-polar attachments – or even uni-polar attachments – so it was up to our knowledge of electricity, the items available in my sex toy box, and our abundant ingenuity. I repurposed a couple of sounds (basically metal rods) and attached the lead ends to the sounds using clothes pins. That was one set of leads. I put electrode pads on the other set of leads. Okay, so the idea is that each set is going to run current between them and I want that to feel really sexy. So I placed the set of pads on either side of Harold’s balls and the two sounds went into Harold’s penis and ass. I wanted the sensation to go deep into his cock and run through to his prostate.

I had to play with the settings a bit, but I think it worked. He was amazingly hard. We topped him out on the strength setting and I went to sit on his face. About the time I came all over his chin, Harold orgasmed. He had his hand on his cock, so he may have rubbed a few times, but I think it was mostly the electro stim. Wow. Intense!

We tried a little bit of play on me, but we seemed to lack direction. A couple of electrode pads just out side my vagina felt interesting, but not amazing. We try inserting one of the wired sounds, but it didn’t feel like anything. Removing it taught us all about caution #9. OUCH. I did eventually come with the help of a vibrator, but it’s clear to me that there is more to learn about electro play, especially for women.

I have done some searching on the internet, but most of the hits are for porn. I don’t have a problem with that, I’d just prefer some kind of guide to electro sex for women. The other hits seem to be for electro sex companies. I’ve been able to glean some information, but not enough. How do women get off on electro stim?

Archaic looking electro sex attachmentsHarold also excavated some really cool copper attachments that he made when he was experimenting with electro stim a few years ago. These attachments and cock rings look very steampunk to me. I’m suddenly totally taken in by a fantasy involving a steampunk electro sex scene. I’m sure it’s been done, but not by me! Figures that it would take sex to get me involved in steampunk. I can imagine it and it looks great. I bet it will feel shockingly good too!