Jan 112011

Twisted polyI’ve been hanging out in the hardware store again. I wish someone had warned me long ago that being kinky leads to building stuff. I was even shopping for a legitimate project, a fairly major redecoration of the third floor of our house, but I just can’t help thinking about sex in a hardware store.

I’m thinking a lot about electro play right now and there was just all of this good stuff. And chain. And wire. And rope. And zip ties. (Hmmm… maybe I’m also thinking a lot about bondage.) I found some hardware that I think will be great for some kind of CBT device, as soon as I get some leather. Perhaps it will be a CBT/electro play toy. I don’t know yet.

Then I found the item in this picture. It reminds us that the twisted poly is bound to be the most economical. Maybe because his/her/per utility is greater than the non-kinky, monogamous sort. The illustrations seem to imply an outdoorsy type of person, while the last words warn us that the twisted poly gets drunk easily and may try to write bad checks. It made me laugh.