Feb 262011

Pine balls in the snowI’m sometimes taken by a mad desire. A sexual compulsion will overcome me and I will need to try something new and wild. I’ll yearn to break out of the box and take a few lustful risks just to see what comes. That happened to me today. I just let it happen, and it was good.

It started with Harold and me naked in bed. He was balanced over me, running his cock and balls across my cunt. I was grabbing at him, wanting to squeeze his balls, needing to pull him closer to me. Feeling his balls press against my vagina, I thought, I just want to fuck his balls. I want his balls inside me.

I mentioned this to Harold and he didn’t even blink. He scrambled to tie his balls in such a way that I could get them into my cunt. It didn’t work the first way we tried – with him on top – so we rolled around and I sat on him. With a little lube and a lot of foreplay, we managed to get Harold’s whole scrotum inside me, with his cock between us. It felt weird, and good, but the bit of stocking he used to tie himself chafed me a bit.

I decided to just sit there and use a vibrator on my clit. As I got closer to orgasm, my vaginal walls squeezed his balls. I began to rock back and forth a bit which had the effect of kind of Vulva of woodbeating Harold off, especially because I think the vibrator happened to hit his frenulum, the sensitive spot just under the head, on the underside of the penis. However it was, we both managed to explode into orgasm at the same time, my orgasm spurring his – each contraction of mine squeezing his testicles and pumping out the ejaculate.

It was really amazing for all it it was also kind of strange. I suppose that if I got embarrassed about sex this is the kind of thing that I would not confess to anyone. But that’s silly. It felt really good. We enjoyed it and basked in our love for each other with a kind of wonder that we had successfully pulled off something totally random and off the wall. Like our love and our relationship, our sex is always changing and evolving. We follow our instincts. We’re willing to take risks. The real risk is in never breaking out of the box at all.