Feb 072011

Mountain of chocolate cupcakesI love food. I like how beautifully food can be presented. The scent of food cooking can evoke memories of past delights. And the amazing textures and tastes! Sampling something that stimulates each of the taste centers (sweet, tart, bitter, salty) feels like I have a symphony playing in my mouth. I adore the entire experience of food. Actually, as I write this I see that it’s more that I’m a sensualist and few things are as delightful to the senses as good food.

I’m pretty much a sybarite. I am happy to wallow in earthy pleasures. I take enjoyment in all of the sensual luxuries – delicious food, fabulous sex, and a wide array of spa treatments. I also appreciate the hedonistic indulgences of the intellect. I like to read, to think, to discuss intriguing ideas. As with the joys of the flesh, I want to give myself over completely. I like to experience life with my whole self.

Oscar Wilde said, “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” And it’s true. Yet I have become rather more voluptuous than I would like to be. My weight has gotten to a point where my body doesn’t do the things I need it to. My age and lifestyle have caught up with me.

So, because I want to carry on in the sybaritic manner to which I’ve become accustomed, I’ve started a diet. My first weight-loss diet ever. This is day two, and other than thinking about food pretty much constantly, it’s going okay. I even got both of my guys to sign up. That’s good because I’m a tiny bit competitive. And it means that I’m not suffering alone. I’m also exercising, which I love because I can throw myself into it with the same intensity that I use on food or sex.

I’m aiming to lose 50 pounds, so I’m ready apply my excessive tendencies in a new way, with healthy diet and physical training. In my mind, it takes me 6 months to do so. That seems very reasonable, but some part of me is still grieving my carefree decadent lifestyle. I see this change as a chance to do something wonderful for my body. I deserve to be fit and healthy. I’m worth the effort. I will be able to indulge in food again soon, and in the meantime, there are other earthly pleasures to be had…