Feb 112011

WindowI had one of those revelations while driving. I guess my life is so busy and hectic that I really only space off enough for big insights to occur to me while I’m driving. And I promptly called up Harold, who of course had already had these deep thoughts, so it’s not an original idea. But it helps me to understand everything.

What if sex is how we access our souls? There seems to be such a strong link between people’s religion and how they express their sexuality. I’ve been trying to understand that because it seems so separate to me. What does the church have to do with sex? Why do they care who I love and how? Why would so many religions try to limit or prohibit people’s sex lives if they are interested in the soul? If people could work out their problems on their own using sex… Oh… I’m suddenly seeing the difference between faith and institutions of faith.

I totally feel that sex is sacred, and I often go to spiritual or meditative space during sex. That’s my point, that’s when I am most clearly expressing myself – everything that I am. Sex lets me access my soul. Without a spiritual institution to guide me. It’s all there for me to explore – a spectrum of sexual spirituality.

The way I visualize it, most sexual interactions take place in the middle of the spectrum, working through day-to-day things, building intimacy, releasing stress and tension. Some sex opens up the soul to loftier ideals, like romantic love and chivalry. Also on this end are practices like Tantra. These are the sexual explorations that bring us closer to the divine. On the other end are the practices that let us open, release, and explore our darker natures and baser instincts. Here we learn that we are all animals. Here we have permission to feel anger, sadness, pain, and fear. Through a variety of BDSM methods, we can heal damage done to the soul. We can walk through the fires of the soul and return to ourselves undamaged.

I just wonder, what would happen if the spiritual institutions suddenly started treating sex as a legitimate and sacred way to the soul. Would priests stop molesting choir boys? Would instances of rape go down overall? Would sex-addiction seem pious? Would prostitutes and pro dommes gain respectability as the spiritual healers that many of them are? Would churches campaign to legalize same-sex marriage? Would people love their bodies more if they knew that God gave them a window to their soul?