Feb 012011

We-VibeI’ve been curious about the We-Vibe II vibrator for a while. It’s a vibrator designed to be used by couples during intercourse and it’s been getting rave reviews. Their website says, “Supple and silky, the G-spot end of the We-Vibe glides inside easily while the other end nestles against her clitoris. In between, the ultra thin flex arm gently hugs her contours to hold the We-Vibe comfortably in place — while leaving plenty of room for him to slide inside and share the pleasure.”

Well. I’ve been dying to know if all of the buzz was backed by some bang, so I rewarded myself for getting a pelvic exam by purchasing a We-Vibe II of my own. I’ve been playing with it for a few days now and I have to say that while I am disappointed in my experience, I do think that this vibrator is widely loved for good reason. I did get off with We-Vibe, it just wasn’t as easy as I’d expected based on what I’d read.

Here are my perceptions of We-Vibe II…

It’s fairly expensive – usually around $100, although I’ve seen both higher and lower prices. Amazon had the lowest price when I looked. Honestly, quality sex toys cost about this much and We-Vibe seems to be worth it.

It comes in cool colors – ruby, teal, and purple. I wanted red, but ruby looks more like raspberry to me, so I bought purple. It also came with a lined draw-string bag to keep it in. I thought that was a nice touch.

It requires charging – which is probably better than batteries, but the instructions said to charge it for 24 hours before using. That’s kind of a bummer with a new sex toy. I gather from what I’ve read online, that if you let it run all the way down, it will never charge again. If that’s true, that also sucks. It’s recommended that you just keep it plugged in while not in use. The weird part about charging We-Vibe is that you kind of have to violate it. The hole for the charger reseals itself when not charging. It’s a very cool design, but it feels kind of wrong to just shove the charging plug in there.

We-Vibe II in situCleaning We-Vibe is easy – just soap and water. You could also use sex toy cleaning wipes, but it should not go through the dishwasher or be boiled. With lube and jism and everything it does get gucky. Washing it right away leaves it in good shape for next time.

There are 9 different vibration patterns – low, high, and several varied patterns. I found high to be effective when masturbating but I could feel the vibration in my body long after I turned it off. There was one setting that drove me crazy. It would slowly increase in intensity then suddenly drop off and start over. I climbed toward orgasm and would be just about to come when it would stop. I did this over and over. When I was about to throw the thing across the room and use my fingers, I finally came and it was amazing! I will say that I found it nearly impossible to press the button to change patterns while it was in place, especially when using lube.

It can be used hands free – letting you do other interesting things with your hands! It does actually stay in place fairly well. When I used it by myself I found that the internal arm did not really hit my g-spot. Also, it looks really funny in place.

It can be used for solo play – for men as well as women. On women, the smaller end of the U-shaped vibrator slides inside the vagina, while the larger end curls around to be held against the clitoris by the labia. Both ends vibrate! I recommend using some lube. For men, the We-Vibe can be hung around the penis so the vibrating ends rest on the scrotum. I gather it enhances masturbation. It certainly added some extra oomph to blow jobs.

Couples can use it together – We-Vibe can stay in place during intercourse, but in my opinion it takes some figuring out. Harold and I ended up using the We-Vibe for foreplay, but not for fucking. We weren’t using Viagra and his erection was not really hard enough to push past the We-Vibe, so we ended up just fucking. Joel and I managed penetration with the vibrator in place, but the extra stimulation made him come really quickly, before I got a chance to orgasm. In fact, he spasmed so hard when he came that he slammed his forehead into mine. We were basically in the missionary position and it stayed in place pretty well. I haven’t tried other positions yet.

We-Vibe II on JoelOverall, I think it’s a great idea and a good product. I like that people are thinking about things like vibrators for couples to use. I think it’s innovative. That said, I really wanted this product to wow me. I hoped that it would be as fabulous for me as everyone seems to find it. I liked We-Vibe, but it felt fussy to me. And I wonder if my anatomy is just different enough from most women that it didn’t hit my key places in just the right way.

Last word – I recommend We-Vibe II. Just be aware that it may not make the heavens open up or cause your birds to sing.

Grade: B+

  • Hardin Reddy

    We have the original We-Vibe (which came only in purple) and were disappointed with it. Mainly because it’s difficult to find the switch (which is internal to the unit) and turn it on. We also have Lelo’s Bo and find that much more comfortable and pleasureable for both partners, so the We-Vibe mainly collects dust in the sex toy drawer.

  • Johdar

    We recently got the We-Vibe 3 which comes with a remote. The only drawback to the remote is that it has to be “just so” for it to work, which can be a little bit problematic during sex. My wife really enjoyed it and it felt very interesting for me while I was fucking her with it in her and I definitely had an amazing orgasm with it.

    The only other problem I saw with it seemed to be that it didn’t want to stay inside her without some kind of external support such as holding it in place with a hand or having sex.

  • jeojworj

    the pic with the hairy vagina… that is a wart underneath where the WeVibe is inserted… just sayin.

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    Thanks for checking out my cunt so closely! Actually, it’s not a wart, it’s a tab of skin left over from where I tore when my daughter was born. The doc didn’t do the best job sewing me up. I also have a tear right next to my clitoris. Sometimes there are similar flaps of skin when a woman’s hymen tears. Pussies all look different and that’s lovely!

  • Rich

    The best way we found to use the we-vibe was to place one end inside of her the other brushing her clitoris. I would then enter her doggy style with the bottom of my cock rubbing against the WV. This pressed the VW against the Gspot, her clit and the sensitive part of my cock. I also inserted a prostate vibe. What an O for both of us.