Mar 242011

Joel's tattoo of KaliMy husband is branching out! I’m so proud. Joel’s been fairly reclusive since his last relationship ended three years ago. We’ve been pretty busy since then, what with moving and forming a poly family and having a baby and selling a house and starting a business and him working 100 miles from home and living in two different places. So I understand why he hasn’t been beating the bushes for a girlfriend, but he might be ready now!

The cool thing is that he’s been taking care of himself during that whole time. Joel used to have a lot of anxiety, but through counseling and medication, he’s managed to kick it’s ass. He’s had hard stuff to deal with too – like the death of his father last summer. And while I think he spends more time in front of computers than he ought to, he does a fabulous job as a husband and a father.

Knight in shining armorI appreciate everything Joel does for me and love him for all of the ways in which we share our lives. I want him to be happy. Four nights a week he sleeps alone, far away from home, so that he can continue to support his family financially. I would feel better knowing that someone was there to love him and keep him company. And hopefully have sex with him. That can only benefit me because new relationship energy tends to spill over to existing relationships!

Joel is basically shy with aggressive tendencies. That can come out in funny ways and tends to put girls off. It’s probably harder for Joel to reach out than for most people. I’m proud of him because he’s started opening up more. He sent a letter to a woman he’s had a crush on for 12 years explaining how he feels about her. He made a new friend online and has spent a lot of time corresponding with her in a platonic way. He even messaged a total stranger on OK Cupid. This is progress. Maybe he’s ready.

Joel topping EvoëI know it’s not up to me to organize a relationship for my husband, although I’d hardly be the first wife to do so, but I know what I would want for him, hypothetically. I’d want a cute curvy bisexual woman in her 30’s, who was submissive and masochistic in the bedroom, but stood up to Joel the rest of the time. Liking country music is a big bonus, since I have no desire to go to country music concerts. So is red hair and freckles. So is a fetish for shaving. I don’t mind children at all, but she would have to be able to have some time and space in her life for Joel. It would be best if she lived in Whatcom or Skagit County, but King County would also work. She MUST understand and be okay with polyamory.

Joel explaining thingsAnd here is what my husband has to offer: He has beautiful green eyes that look right into your soul before he kisses you. He’s sweet and supportive and great at taking care of women. He’s a good cook. I love his intelligence and wicked sense of humor, especially when paired with his silliness. He’s a sci-fi/fantasy gamer geek and an artist. He’s an amazing psychological top who is very creative in his punishments. If you appreciate cunnilingus performed with passion and skill, you would not be disappointed. And I know this doesn’t matter to women, but his cock is larger than average.

Let me restate that I would never interfere in Joel’s love life unless there was some danger, but if you happened to be curious about him, you could look at his profiles on Fetlife or OkCupid. Hypothetically.