Mar 212011

Colt GripsI’m very fond of breasts. Nipples are even better – and everyone has them! I’m always looking for fabulous nipple clamps. Without them, I tend to resort to things like pliers because I love nipple stimulation. I love to use nipple sensation on other people and I orgasm like crazy when my own nipples are properly stimulated. So I was excited when I saw California Exotic Novelties’ Colt Grips. Ooooh! Sleek black cordless vibrating nipple clamps that can go in the shower. What could be better than that?

I was attracted to the name, Colt Grips. It’s totally sexy in a guns and cowboys kind of way. There’s a very similar version that’s pink and called Nipplettes. Don’t get me wrong, I like pink, but given a choice between Nipplettes and Colt Grips, I want the serious fucking Colt Grips. And they are serious looking. I really like the styling and the black rubber coating. I think they look HOT. I’ve always disliked the look of the common “jumper-cable” style nipple clamps. I want something that looks sexy.

Colt Grips vibrating nipple clamp in useCal Exotics gets serious points for including batteries. Actually, two sets of batteries. The clamps use 3 watch batteries each and there 12 included. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a sex toy only to have difficulties finding replacement batteries later on (I’m still not sure where I put the replacement batteries for the bullet vibrator!), so I’m very happy that they were thinking ahead. I also appreciate that these are wireless. Many vibrating nipple clamps have wires to a control box and that just seems so messy to me. Looks and mobility are both important to me.

The clamps are each 2.5 inches long, which is a bit long for a nipple clamp, but it’s necessary for the bullet-style vibrator. And isn’t the vibration what it’s all about? There is a button at the base of each clamp to turn the vibes on and off. I think it would be cool if there were different strengths and patterns to the vibrations. Maybe they didn’t do that because it would add more weight.

Colt Grips vibrating nipple clamps in use on piercing ringBut I bet you want to know how it feels! I tried the Colt Grips out on Harold first. He likes to have some nipple stimulation. These clamps are adjustable, but even at the smallest setting they aren’t very pinchy. This is not about pain, this is about sensation. Harold kind of liked the sensation at first, but it quickly got less interesting. I cranked one of the clamps open and tried to grip one of his testicles. Again, interesting at first, but not for very long.

We tested the clamps on me. They are very difficult to latch on with my nipple piercings. I like the vibration, but it isn’t really the right kind of stimulation for me to get off. And no matter how hard we tried, the vibration itself would work the clamp right off of my nipple. That’s pretty distracting. I also tested them in the shower because that seems like such a great idea. Sometimes the shower is the only place I can find any privacy. They work great! I still had the problem of them falling off, but yes, they were water resistant. Always a good trait in a sex toy.

I’m not sure what to do about the piercing problem. I wear barbells through my nipples, but Joel has rings. On him, we were able to simply clip them onto the rings and it vibrated his nipples through the rings. It makes me Colt Grips vibrating nipple clamps in use in the showerwonder what else I could add vibration to in that fashion! It also makes me wish that I had a girl to try these babies on. I don’t feel like I got the full effect, but I’m pretty sure I would prefer more pinch and greater vibration.

Bottom line: I think this is a well designed product that doesn’t actually do much in the way of exciting anyone. I suspect that, if used in a scene with a variety of other stimulus, Colt Grips could lend a nice layer of sensation. Or, this might be a great place for a newbie to start.

Grade: B-