Mar 012011

Pink ToenailsI’ve been really enjoying learning about making videos. This video is my fourth attempt and I think I’ve now grown beyond iMovie and will be exploring Adobe Premiere and the Adobe collection of film making products. I look forward to branching out and exploring some more artistic themes. There’s nothing wrong with straight-ahead porn, but I want to make some really inspiring erotica.

This was my first try at using multiple angles and I ran into some troubles with the soundtrack. While I was tempted to just put music over the whole thing, I listened to what you all had to say and left the native sound. I think it works okay and feels more intimate. I hope that the connection between Harold and me is evident, even though you never see more than my legs and feet. We love each other and have a lot of fun doing stuff like this. It’s sexy when that shines through in film. But you decide for yourself…(click on image below)

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  • meluvfeet

    I think you did a nice job on your video. Leaving the actual sound was the right move. It gave it that touch of realizim. We all like to see and hear shear pleasure given as well as watching somebody feeling so good. By the way. You have very lovely tootsies. I enjoyed the way you worked your partners head and shaft with the ball of your foot and toes. That was so erotic mmmm mmmm mmmm

  • Howard Bingham

    Now if I could find a willing domme to foot me.. ;-)

  • Fetishexpress

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm. love to volunteer and clean up the mess