Mar 182011

Joel on the trainFriday, 3:15 pm – Right now Joel and I are on a train, speeding toward adventure. We left the car in Seattle so we could just relax and be together. We’re on our way to Portland for a weekend adventure. I’m excited.  I keep thinking about one of Harold’s favorite songs, “Strangers on a Train” by Loveage. I want to have sex on the train! I keep trying to convince Joel to go to the handicap bathroom with me to see what we can figure out, but he is more levelheaded than I am and he thinks it’s a bad idea. He says we’d get arrested. Or sodomized. Or both.

Friday, 5:15 pm – Out of sheer boredom after hours on the train, I thought I’d get myself off in the bathroom. Just for kicks. An orgasm just sounded nice, you know? Especially after sitting here in my tight jeans, where every little jostle rubs the seam against my clit. Well, let me tell you, standing in a room just slightly bigger than a coffin while it jerks back and forth is not sexy. It’s sick-making. Fail.

Friday, 6:22 pm – We’ve arrived in Portland and checked into our hotel. Joel took a shower first thing in order to “wash off the woeful effulgence.” I think it’s just that he didn’t get a shower this morning. I feel sad and kind of lost. What do we do now that we’re here? I want to feel close to Joel and I’m feeling like an idiot for not being able to articulate to him what I want.

Hotel bed! Yeah, Baby...Friday, 6:36 pm – Now Joel is lying on the bed naked. I started spanking him, but he says I have to take him to dinner first. Maybe even dinner and a movie. So, we’re looking into restaurants. He keeps misreading things. “Organic vegan food” became orgasmic Venus food. I think I need a orgasmic Venus food!

Friday, 7:05 pm – I got out my vibrator to bring myself off really quick before we left for dinner. I asked Joel to hold my nipples for me. That was very nice. I came quickly. It turned Joel on a bit. We were just starting to discuss doing something about that when my phone rang. I was willing to ignore it, but Joel said I should answer. While I was talking with Harold about how things are at home, Joel pulled my pants down and starting licking my clit. I was laughing and breathless. When Harold figured out what was going on he threatened to keep me on the phone talking about boring things. But he didn’t. He thought it was funny. When I hung up, Joel pulled aside my panties and fucked me until he came. Now we’re ready to go to dinner…

Evoë drinking Turkish coffeeFriday, 9:34 pm – We’re back from dinner. We found a nice Syrian-Lebanese place just a few blocks away, called Habibi, which evidently means beloved or darling. The food and the atmosphere were good. I love how gregarious men from Arab cultures are physically. They aren’t afraid of touch the way that Americans are. I’m beginning to unwind and let go of my anxieties. It’s nice to relax and talk about anything that comes to mind. We finished with one one of my favorite things in the whole world – Turkish coffee and rice pudding. On the walk back we stepped into a men’s underwear store because I was totally taken in by size of the window mannequins’ packages. They had amazingly sexy men’s underwear. I tried to interest Joel, but he doesn’t wear underwear. He kept suggesting things for Harold instead. I was very tempted to buy Harold something in black lace, bright purple, or silver lame but I know he won’t wear it. I’m still thinking about it.

Friday, 10:43 pm – I’ve decided to just go to bed. I was kind of pushing to go see “Live Nude Girls!” just down the block from our hotel, but it would probably be lame and cost lots of money. Joel doesn’t really want to go and I’m exhausted. I’m enjoying the crisp, clean, white Egyptian cotton sheets with lots of pillows and no baby between us! I really like rubbing my body all over the sheets…