Mar 272011

Harold's armHarold started it. He strip-teased for me, a joyful revealing of his chest, one button at a time, my eyes following every movement of his hands. Shirt gone, I look at him in a new way. I know every inch of his body in intimate detail, but now I am seeing him in a purely objectified way. My gaze follows the contours of his body like a caress. I see the way the light reflects off the muscles of his arms. I linger on his lips, remembering his kiss. I meet his eyes and he is laid bare for me. I have seen this man undress a thousand times, even cheesy party strip-teases, but not like this. This is a celebration of love.

He unbuttons his jeans, dipping his hands under the waistband of his boxers and turning around. Slowly, so slowly, he unveils his ass. It’s so beautiful. I love the curve of his ass. I want to sink my teeth into him, run my fingers over his butt like he is doing. He shakes his ass at me and I just want to grab hold of those hips. His pants and boxers sink to the floor and he throws me a look over his shoulder. I want to make him mine. His look says he already is. He sits down on the bed next to me.

We kiss passionately. I feel like I could probe the mystery of him with my tongue. I know him as well as any person can know another and yet I want to get closer and closer. I press my body tight against his, as though I could take him in osmotically through my skin. Wait! I’m still wearing all of my clothes.

I slide off the bed. We’re talking, but I have no idea what was said. I am busy being in my own body. I am loving myself, but I want to share with him. My shirt comes off and I’m running my fingertips under my tank top. The sensations are nice. I’ve lost 15 pounds. I feel good. But I’m looking in his eyes and thinking about how much I love him.  I like him watching me like that. The tank top comes off.

Evoë in the woodsI’m feeling pretty turned on now. I’m incredibly wet. I unfasten my belt and my pants. His eyes are riveted to my hands. I slide my pants down my hips, enjoying the smooth glide of fabric over flesh. It takes a wiggle or two to get free of the pants. I turn around, my hands brushing over my thong and across my ass. I unhook my bra, holding it in place as I come back round to face him. My nipples are hard against the bra. The straps just fall off my shoulders. Everything flows. I wait, holding on to his attention, drawing it out a bit. The bra drops and I’m in love with my breasts. I think Harold is too because he licks his lips.

Now I’m just in my panties. I hook my thumbs under the sides and tug them down just a little. Just to where the pubic hair starts. I feel gorgeous. Even after years, he can still look at me like that. I pivot and pull my underwear down to the floor, knowing that I’m flashing him my cunt as I bend over. He makes some noise like a groan.

We’re both naked now, but suspect the teasing has just begun.

  • Miranda

    Super hot story. My hubby can make me feal that way too after many years. I feel lucky for it.