Apr 152011

Sometimes sex can be therapeutic. Today I used a long-time fantasy to help myself work through some childhood trauma. I understand that the resulting images may be difficult for some people – if blood freaks you out please close your browser window now.  We used a lot of stage blood and dirt and sweat and ashes to make me a dirty, dirty girl. A girl who is pissed as hell and gonna kick your ass as soon as she gets out of those chains! It was a weird trip today, but I think it helped…






Evoë bound and bleedingEvoë chained and bleeding


Watching you

Alive!Evoë stalkingPrey in sightProwling

Bloody cuntShrouded pain








Full of fear
Filled with hate
Only violence is forever
Beauty is a fragile, fleeting thing
A brief respite…

Love is a pastime
Trust is a game
Family is a farce
Anything can be broken

Promises are pointless
Words are empty
Faith is temporary
Rage is survival
Blood is reality

Only violence is forever

-Evoë (1991), age 18


  • cdpoe

    damn. that’s extremely erotic and disturbing at the same time. i like it.