Apr 282011

“I work within parameters. I function within them.

My Master tells me. He tells me. I do.

But there is room for embellishments. There is an art to this brand of sex.

Or at least I tell myself so. He says, “Go this way!” I go that way as gracefully as possible. Sometimes I have no grace and the fucking is through tears and sweat and saliva and animal grade lubricant…

But His fingers wander ‘round my neck and I know He loves me.

I know He loves me when He pushes His cock into my ass.

I know He loves me when He whacks my pussy after my makeup has already been washed away by my tears. He whacks it again.

I know He loves me when He carefully aligns the layers of rope up my arms, behind my back, thrusting my chest out.

I know He loves me when he takes me out to urinate under the avocado tree, on a leash, like a dog.

I know He loves me when He hits the snooze button for me, when He draws my bath, when He administers my enemas, when He teaches me new cooking methods, welding.

Life, outside, and inside, and sex have melded into one. Sex is life with Him and life is sex. Everything I do is sexual and everything I do is for love.”

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