Apr 112011

California Exotic Novelties Luxe RejuvenateReviewing this vibrator is pretty exciting for me because it marks a milestone – the first sex toy I have ever received in the mail that I haven’t purchased. That’s right, someone sent me a sex toy for FREE! Specifically, California Exotic Novelties (the same company that makes the vibrating nipple clamps I reviewed recently) sent me the Luxe Rejuvenate “Massager”. I could really use some good rejuvenating massage, couldn’t you? They actually have a whole line of Luxe vibrators (come on, let’s call a spade, a spade) with spa sounding names – in addition to Rejuvenate, we have Renew and Replenish, all of which share similar features but seem have slightly different focuses.

Luxe Rejuvenate's cheery red LED buttonsThe first thing I noticed, right out of the box, is the silky smooth finish. I love it. It’s so sleek and subtle for a sex toy. And it matches my vibrating nipple clamps! The second thing, is that it takes 2 AAA batteries. Yay, no plugging in! It says to take the batteries out of the toy when storing, but that seems like a pain. Third, this toy claims to be waterproof. I’ve been keeping it in the shower for several days and it seems fine. Yes a little water gets inside the lid, but the batteries are sealed in. I think it’s a great design. Fourth, my toddler decided to pick the vibrator up and toss it down a full set of wooden stairs and it still works. I’m impressed. Oh, and it comes in black, pink, purple!

Of the three vibrators in the Luxe line, I think I got the best one for me . I’ve been using it for 5 days and I totally love it. It’s designed to be used on the clitoris, although it feels good on nipples too. It didn’t do anything for Harold Luxe vibrator in usewhen used on the head of his cock. That’s okay though, Rejuvenate totally rocks my clit with it’s subtle, ergonomically correct curves. It feels great in my hand.

There are different vibrational speeds/patterns described by Cal Exotics as “7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.” I guess the mode I prefer would be escalation. It starts low and slowly builds in intensity until it suddenly drops back down to low. My favorite thing to do is to sit on the bench in my shower with the spray hitting my nipples, turn the vibrator onto escalation and sit on it until I come. It’s a slow delicious build of sexual energy that leaves me feeling warm and relaxed.

Another feature I like are the two push buttons, one for power on/off and one to toggle between functions. The controls are illuminated by red LED’s! It’s so cool! I could be masturbating in the dark, under my blankets and still see their cheery glow. My very own red light district! I could just orgasm until it got boring.

Evoë kissing the Luxe Rejuvenate vibratorI have not yet exhausted the possibilities, but I’ve been carrying this lightweight vibrator around in my pocket, just in case I can stealth orgasm. I think it may end up living in my shower because I have more opportunity to masturbate in the shower than elsewhere and Rejuvenate seems to be well suited to the wet environment.

Bottom line: This is a great vibrator for clitoral stimulation, it’s discreet, and it can go in the shower. What’s not to love?

Grade: A