Apr 232011

Evoë in bedI’m in pervy heaven. Harold and I are in the San Francisco Bay area, having a great time visiting with his sons. We’re staying with Ned and Maggie who are both kinky sex-positive activists and performers. It’s awesome! I’ve never stayed in a guest room decorated in floggers and condoms before. And the conversations rocks! It’s a great vacation, but it’s also giving me lots to think about.

When we arrived last night, we took the BART from the airport into town. It took around 45 minutes, which gave me lots of time to gaze at Harold lovingly, then blush and look away when he met my eyes. I don’t know what’s gotten into me! It’s like we’re 15 and newly in love. He actually bent down and kissed the back of my hand. I’m twitter-pated.

We had dinner at the most amazing Ethiopian restaurant in Oakland. I love that you use the spongy flat bread (called injera) to scoop up your food. It tasted so good. And it’s so much fun! We also drank Guest room wallsenough honey wine to be tipsy. It’s a lovely place to be. We sat and talked until after midnight. I am rarely up past midnight, but that didn’t stop Harold and me from making love after we went to bed. The lure of his skin rubbing against mine was too great. I couldn’t resist. Plus I shaved my legs and that felt fabulous across flannel. I’m a sensualist.

I don’t know what my excuse is for waking up horny this morning. I was awake at 6:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep. And there are all of these sex toys on the wall. I was jittery and needed calming. All these reasons are true, but mostly I am relishing this time to be close to Harold without all the needs of everyday life interfering. I’m hungry for that intense intimacy. I adore that we can fuck without thought.

Hip dykeIt’s not all fucking though. Today I am sporting a new look that Maggie tells me is “hip dyke.” Cool. I feel totally different. I hold myself differently, move differently, and present myself to other people differently. Harold and I walked to the farmer’s market, where hip gay boys courted me – a kind of non-sexual come-on or recognition of kindred souls. I like this. Of course, if I’m a hip dyke, Harold comes off as an old fag. Queers on vacation!

Then we were off to a brunch with some of Ned and Maggie’s friends. It’s great to meet like-minded people, but maybe a little awkward to be cautiously treated like the cool, but sexually unaware parents. No, it wasn’t that bad, especially when I mentioned what I do for a living. It ended up being fun.

Now I’m taking some down time, resting up for whatever the city has in store for me this evening. I have a feeling it’s something big.

  • Maren

    Never a guest room decorated with condoms and floggers? My dear, do artfully arrainged bladed weapons, floggers and other toys above your bed’s headboard not ring a bell? It sounds like SF in the spring will be a fabulous time and space for a vaca. Say hello and love to Ned and Jup! Have sooo much fun. Love, Maren

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    I was decorating in weapons, yes, but not sex toys! I approve.

  • Maren

    Mmh, my memory skipped a beat then, not unusual. But then again, I find weapons sexy. Toys.