Apr 162011

Rock star haircutI have a new haircut and it’s rocking my world. It’s strange how altering my hair style can totally change everything from the way I think about myself to the way I present myself to the world. It’s a great haircut – shorter than it’s been since I was 14 and I think it suits me. I feel more queer.

Gender is such a complicated thing. I love to dress up and wear make-up, but I’m also really tough and I have a big dick. Femme and butch all at once. I want a look that says all of those things – yes I’m glamorous and I can kick your ass. Wait, maybe that’s the definition of a Domme. I don’t know, but it’s how I feel. And now it’s how I look.

Road WarriorMy hair is short in back and comes down over one eye in front. There’s still a red streak in front. I love the red. As I’ve been losing weight I am more in my body. I’m exercising more and being more physical. I’m not yet to the place where I look the way I feel in my body. Feeling it is the first step and the body will follow. I’m crafting the self I want to be.

Evidently, based on my haircut, I want to be David Bowie, a lipstick lesbian, or 80’s punk. That’s it, I’m a fucking rock star, Baby! It’s sexy. My men can now kiss the back of neck and press the front of my hip-bones, making me weak in the knees and damp in the panties. And my hair won’t get everywhere when I fuck. I hate it when my hair gets in my mouth when giving head or sticks to everything when I’m sweaty. I’m streamlined now.

Look out, hold on to your bois and grrrls! I’m almost down to hunting weight…