Apr 272011

Fist before fistingMy date with Harold was a fuck fest. I like it when we get in that mood, pushing each other’s boundaries in such nice ways. This time it was fisting, both anal and vaginal, along with some prostate milking and rough sex. Oh yeah, and I really put the “cock” in cock and ball torture. Ah, good times…

I’ve been very emotional and anxious lately, leaving me feeling isolated. It takes something more to cut through my walls. Edge play, like what we just did, is a fucking can opener – opens me up so I can feel the love again. Of course my sexual boundaries are a moving target, but so far I haven’t run out of things to explore.

I’d had every intention of fucking Harold with my strap-on. I love our anal play. I adore feeling like a boi with my hard cock. Fucking like that is exquisite. I can feel his cunt. He can feel me spurt inside him when I come. Strap-on sex is an amazingly wonderful thing. But we didn’t do that. It never seemed like the right thing.

Oral sex plus fingersI did get most of my hand in Harold’s ass though. I wanted to stimulate his prostate. We’ve done some of that before, but Harold wanted to take me on a tour and I’m eternally curious. I took off my rings and lubed up. I inserted one finger and curved it toward his cock, slowly stroking a spot that feels a little different. That had good effect so I added another finger. At the same time I began to stroke his cock. Jism started to ooze out. It was really amazing – ejaculation without orgasm. I gather that it feels good. I totally felt powerful, like I was stealing his come. After I had gotten it all, I put the rest of my fingers into his ass. I got thumb and fingers in up to the knuckles before we hit the place where he would start tearing. Harold needs to do more stretching. I think I would like to actually get my whole hand inside of him.

I wanted to rub Harold’s back after that. We didn’t have any oil of lotion, so I used lube. Because I happened to use my whole body during parts of the massage, we both ended up covered in lube. We were in the cabin with a hot fire burning so soon we were covered in lube and drenched in sweat. I lost about 2 pounds in a single day!

The massage led to Harold going down on me. Always beautiful and wonderful! He’s perfected this way of licking my clitoris while putting two fingers inside my cunt and pressing against my g-spot. Sometimes he’ll take his other hand and pinch a nipple. It makes me orgasm instantly almost every time. This time, after I came, he slathered a ton of lube all over his hand and started inserting more fingers. I used a vibrator on my clit and every time I came he pushed his hand further in. Harold has long hands. He managed to get his hand in nearly to the wrist! It’s a very weird feeling, being so full. It’s not entirely pleasant, but it’s super erotic and intense. I came hard when he took his hand out.

Beautiful cockThen Harold was in a mood to be pushed past his comfort zone. He very nicely asked for cock attention, so I started sucking. I tied up his balls and gave them attention as well. When he was begging, I started slapping his cock pretty hard. I left blood blisters. Harold doesn’t normally like me to do anything painful to his cock, but this seemed to be what he needed because he asked for something more. I used a flogger on his inner thighs, cock, and balls – stopping only when his scrotum started to bleed. It sounds intense (and it was) but the whole thing was done in a context of love and connection to each other. It’s a gift that we give each other.

After all of that, we fucked like crazy, in a variety of positions. By then we were drenched in sweat and sticky everywhere with lube, but we had managed to strip away all of the built up crap and difficulties and simply be intimate together. It’s incredible to just fuck without thinking about anything but the moment. It can be so hard for me to let go. Sometimes rough sex is the key that opens all of those doors to let me soar. Sometimes sex really does make it all better.

  • Hardin Reddy

    Being with a lover for an extended period of time does strip away all the crap and lets your passion connect you. Who cares about the bills or painting the kitchen when you’re cumming?