Apr 102011

Evoë in the cabinI was up until dawn, naked and sweating, in a tiny cabin in the woods with three other women and two men. It was hot! Actually, it was the wood stove that was hot, making the experience somewhat sauna-like. And while everything I’ve said is true, the context was not sexual. I was there to help a friend through a spiritual journey.

But there is something incredibly nice about being naked with people for many hours. At first I’m covertly checking everyone out and I assume they’re doing the same to me. For instance, I had to ask one guy if he was uncircumcised because it’s been years since I’ve seen an uncut cock up close. I had to know if he’d ever tried docking because I’ve always been curious about that. Then at another point, when I was crawling to the corner of the bed, everyone commented on how gorgeous my ass is. It’s hard to just take that in, but somehow, it’s easier when everyone is naked and relaxed.

flesh and firelightThat’s the next step after checking people out – relaxing. Being naked is more intimate and open. Nudity lets me let go of all of my stuff about presentation. Give me a few minutes to relax and I stop sucking in my tummy and sticking my chest out. After several hours of group nudity, I feel much closer to people than if I’d been clothed. I see them more clearly. I see how amazingly, wonderfully beautiful each and every person is. Last night, with a fine sheen of sweat covering us like pixie dust and the firelight illuminating faces and body curves, each of us was clearly a sacred being.

After that, boundaries began to melt away. I stopped holding myself in. I gave up worrying about whether my arm or leg touch someone else’s skin. Since we were six people in an 8-foot by 12-foot foot cabin, this was actually very helpful. Being naked let us all be together. Yes, there was occasionally sexual joking or undertones. Some of the people present are in fact lovers. But it was comfortable and flowed from a place of safety. We had a common purpose that came from a place of love and respect. We became one.

Evoë's ass in the firelightAt the very end, we were nearly sexual. Having completed our objective, we were rolling around and hugging and kissing. Sweaty people smell really good and sexy. Yummy. And look delicious when glittering in firelight. Pretty. And I really adore breasts and asses and cocks, but it wasn’t about that.

I was up until dawn with five beautiful people. We were naked together for hours. I feel that I really saw them in deep and meaningful ways. And I feel seen. Right now that feels more powerful than sex.