May 102011

Evoë in leatherBlood, Sweat, and Queers is a recipe for a good time. Just sayin’. Harold and I finally made it out to the Center for Sex Positive Culture after a months’ long hiatus, so this was the first time I’d been to this particular play party. Let me tell you – Queer is where it’s at!

The promotional materials say this: “If you identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Pansexual, Questioning, Asexual, Homo/Heteroflexible, Gender Fluid, Gender Queer and/or just Gender Fucked, come and join us, party and have fun!” That’s exactly why I identify as Queer. I like how inclusive the concept is. I also enjoy how you really can’t make any assumptions about gender identity or who an individual might be attracted to. Queer people are just people. The only assumption you could make at this party is that the people there are kinky. I love that they gave out glow bracelets at the door so you could pick people up – left wrists for tops, right wrists for bottoms, and something creative for switches. (I wore mine on my left wrist!)

From the minute we walked in the door I felt welcome. People were there to greet us, joke with us, make us feel at home, and to show us around. I grew up around lesbians and this had the feel of a lesbian potluck – but kinkier. I felt very comfortable the the vibe. Harold and I looked around and decided to play on the bondage bed.

Cock and bondageI’ve been fantasizing about the bondage bed for years. Everywhere you could want a tie point, there’s a eye-hook, even up overhead. It’s a canopy bed for perverts! I was excited to see what kind of creative things we could get up to. Harold and I, being who we are, did a lot of CBT (cock and ball torture). I barely scratched the surface of what we could do in the bed, but my favorite position had Harold suspended from the canopy part of the bed by his ankles with only his head and shoulders on the bed. I put his balls in the humbler and put the whole thing behind his thighs. Then I could kneel over his face and slap his balls. It must have worked amazingly well because he licked my cunt faster and faster.

After some great play, I just had him tied spread-eagle on the bed. He was in that drifty place that I associate with good play. I haven’t gotten him there very often – I think it’s difficult for him to let go. I just start doing some light massage and lying on top of him. I got out some lube and rubbed his cock and balls. I thought I had him right up to (but not quite) coming and I climbed on top of him to see what he wanted to have happen. When I looked down again it appeared that he had already orgasmed. Bummer. I wasn’t ready yet.

But wait! He was still hard. Not being a grrrl to give up easily, I clamped a vice on his balls and started tightening. And pumping his cock. I just kept at it, slowly tightening and increasing the intensity on my hand job. It worked! He came again. I’ve never gotten him to come twice in a short space of time like that before! I’m not sure that’s ever happened to him. It was super cool! Harold says that the first time wasn’t an orgasm, just some ejaculation, but I think it totally counts. I made the boi come twice in a row!

Sure, you can tie me up.We snuggled for a while, letting Harold drift after his awesome performance. When he started to seem more embodied, we switched. Harold put the cuffs on me and the wrestling match began. I like to struggle. I like being tied up, but I also like to get myself free again. Anyone who wants to tie me up has to earn it. And I still like to prove to us both that I can get free any time I desire.

I had a fabulous time tussling. I finally let Harold get a four-point tie down on me, under some threat. He then proceeded with some truly gifted cunnilingus. I did take the opportunity to free one hand while he was busy before coming like crazy myself. No one was staring at us or anything, but it does turn me on to be having sex in a room full of people. Exhibitionist, I guess.

We cuddled some more – aftercare for us both. Then thirst and fatigue motivated us to get up. I packed up our stuff (Harold makes the toys, I use them and organize them) and Harold fetched water. I looked around while I got dressed, marveling at the diverse crowd and the beauty of people involved in intense sex play. It’s a good reminder for me when I feel bad about my body that everyone looks gorgeous when they’re in ecstasy.

Using my teeth and tongue to get freeHarold and I looked around a bit to see what other people were doing and to find the kitchen. Some fabulous person whose job it was to provide snacks had included hummus sandwiches and chocolate. Do you know how rare it is to be given a vegetarian option with protein? Many blessings upon you fabulous hummus sandwich person! The snacks really helped me to get grounded and have the energy to drive back home.

It was still a long drowsy trip home, but I’m so glad that we went. I really enjoy playing in public and this was a very nice energy for how we like to play. People were very friendly and I felt well taken care of. Blood, Sweat, and Queers happens the first Saturday night of each month at the CSPC in Seattle. You can find out more on their FetLife group. Hope to see you there!