May 222011

I’ve decided to spend most of today in bed. I’ve earned it with my wild weekend and I have to remind myself that I’m still healing from surgery 4 days ago. I’d like to say that I’m having a crazy sexy time, but most of that is going on in my mind, not my body, as I process through the incredible amount of input I’ve gotten over the past two days.

Evoë reading her poemMostly, it’s been SEAF – the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. What an amazing experience! I feel very lucky to have participated this year, both as an artist and as an attendee. I’m blown away with how engaging this year’s festival is. There is the visual art – fantastic artists like David Steinberg, Michael Rosen, Patti Beadles, Charles Davis, Mina Bast, and Jeff Hengst. And there was way more, those are just a few that particularly caught my attention. Then there was the literary art. I got to do my first poetry reading. People asked me to sign their copy of the book. And the people I heard read are all so good. I was particularly impressed with (and maybe crushing on a little) Kyle Jones. It’s so fulfilling to be surrounded by people who not only think a lot about sex, but craft their thoughts into beautiful concepts, wielding words like hammers or paintbrushes. I can feel it go right through me.

All of this would have been enough to have me reeling for days, but there was more. Like the Queeriodic Table, modeled after the periodic table and full of good words to describe any point on the Queer spectrum. I found a new word for myself (I love new words!): I am a futch. Like femme-butch. It can mean both at once, or alternating. I can’t decide if I like it better than boi. I suppose I can use both!

Evoë signing the SEAF anthologyAnd La Figa was there, covering gorgeous bodies with luscious food and handing out samples. A couple danced the tango amidst the art. There were boxes mixed in with the visual art that featured scents. There were so many great displays and decorations, so much to take in. Perhaps my favorite joy was seeing the wild outfits people wore to feel sexy, as wildly divergent as their sexual predilections.  It was all there – from street hooker to drag queen to kilt to The Matrix, to practically naked, to elegant, to metallic, to feathers, to robotic, to rave – everyone was showing off in all their splendor. It was very difficult for me to not touch or put it in my mouth.

Outside of SEAF I had a few notable  experiences. Harold and I had sex in front of about 30 people who all paid admission. Okay. Truthfully, we were models for a workshop that David Steinberg taught about taking erotic photographs of couples. It was an interesting experience. The workshop itself was a lot of useful information about the kind of photography I want to be doing. Then the demo part happened and Harold and I made love in the center of a big room with people all around. It was easier than it sounds. I mostly closed my eyes and shut out everything but Harold. I was occasionally aware of David taking pictures, but mostly not. I had a few momentary thoughts of sucking in my gut to look good, but I quickly let that go. The most important thing was to be real in my love for Harold. I’ll be curious how the photos come out!

Joel rocking out with his cock outI also had a weird experience where I offered to publicly support a new non-profit organization that fights for the rights of sex workers, only to be told no thanks because I’m only a sexuality blogger, not a sex worker. I thought the whole point of working toward rights for sex workers is to make people aware that not all sex workers are street walkers. People make a living through sex in many different ways and they are all subject to discrimination. Sorry, I think you’re missing the point – I hope you get it figured out.

It’s just been an incredible weekend. I’ve met so many fascinating people, many of whom I hope to work with in the near future. And the weekend’s not over yet – this evening I’ll get out of bed to go see Susie Bright with Melanie and Harold. No rest for the wicked!

  • PB

    An incredible weekend indeed! 

    It was fabulous to meet you.  You guys were fabulous to watch– I can tell that you have a powerful but playful intimacy.  Thank you for volunteering for the class.


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