May 132011

Evoë with her masterpiece for SEAFThe Seattle Erotic Art Festival is only a week away! I’m pretty excited about SEAF because I finally submitted my work this year and they chose to feature one of my poems and one of my photographs. This is the first time I’ve ever had my visual art in a show. It’s been a learning experience, but I can’t wait to see the results. It’s awesome to see my work professionally printed and framed. The poem has been published in an anthology for the occasion and is available to purchase online or at SEAF itself. I believe I’ll also be reading it aloud on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Festival. But I’ll share it here as well…


I struggle because I like the feel of the fight.
Show me your strength, Baby.
Prove that you are worthy of my surrender.
Bind me to your will.
Hold me fast,
And you’ll know when you hold my heart.

Open my eyes.
Show me Innana’s footsteps in the dust of my soul,
Lead me deeper.
I’ll dance naked to your drum.
Take me down
To the simple beat of leather on flesh,
To a rhythm of sensation.
Breath in, breath out.
I want to feel you
In the throb of every heartbeat
And the sting of every stroke.
The only path to peace I know is pain.

Open me up with your heat
Petal by petal like a dewy rose
In the bright light of a summer morning.
Strip me bare.
Make me scream.
Baby, the only refuge I need,
Is you.

Give me waves,
Deep oceanic currents,
To crest and ride above the swirling debris of my mind
And crash against the rocky shores.
Let me break against the force of you,
Then draw me in with your undertow.
Take me deeper.

Open the door
To the quiet places inside.
Show me your world,
Knowing beyond words
The mysteries of you.
Make us one.

When I am breathless and begging,
Burning with desire,
Dionysus shivering and shattered,
Baby, let me be your temple
And your tempest.
Enter and find haven in the circle of my arms.
Let me rock you over and over
‘Til the storm subsides.

And then I’ll take you deeper…

I’ve been working on a duct-tape corset to wear to the event and contemplating wearing red chain one of the evenings. After all, I have an artist’s reputation to uphold. I think it’s going to be a sexy, fabulous, amazing, good time. I hope to see you there!